15 Organizing Ideas for your Sewing Space

I LOVE organizing things but sometimes I organize "so well" I can't find things later. These 15 ideas will help you stay get it together and HOPEFULLY not forget. :D 
Away we go!

1. Try this fabric stash organization with plans and instructions via Sew at home Mummy. I already asked Husband to do this for me. LOL

2. This tutorial shows you how to make a framed peg board - perfect to hold sewing tools! 

3. This blog post by One Crazy House shows you 15 ways to make an ironing station, for all spaces small to big.

4. Easy peasy thread rack DIY by Creative Little Daisy.

5. The Girl Inspired keeps her fabric like this, wrapped around these cardboard type cards available here.

6. Sorry no link for this one, but the photo is self explanatory! Hook those acrylic rulers and keep them in order.

7. Fit these little boxes in drawers to keep tiny things organized, like safety pins, buttons, measuring tapes, clips, etc...

8. This post by Buttons Galore has a few different ideas for storing buttons. I personally love buttons being sorted by color! It's like looking at candy.

9. The organizer caddy in a drawer idea works. They can be found at the Container Store here.

10. This post by Sew Fearless describes a method for storing sewing patterns.

11. I enjoy reading The Krazy Coupon Lady's blog for her collection of out-of-the-box ideas. Organize your ribbon spools once and for all!

12. No link but self explanatory again. Thanks Pinterest!

13. Pin Sew Press has this great idea using old office file thingys for acrylic rulers. Genius!

14. Zipper storage by A Time for Everything. She explains how she made this, think what you might convert to do your version. 

15. Re-purpose older furniture like Maple and Magnolia. A quick coat of paint and you have a beautiful piece to showcase your favorite things. No tutorial but you get the idea!

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Rainbow Pillow tutorial

This colorful and cheery make is a video tutorial on my IGTV here.   

It's so easy, simply sew strips together to make a front pillow, add stitches for decoration if you want to. Then make 2 back envelope pieces, sew together front & back, and HORRAY!

This tutorial is another option for a colorful and satisfying make, with illustrations showing how to do the envelope portion.

*I will update this post with written instructions soon. :)
 IGTV isn't for everyone.

Easily adaptable to different colors, widths of fabric strips, and stitching -- make it your own! Ruby made this one mostly, I only did the Sashiko stitches.


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Monday Motivation 20 Free Flower Patterns for sewing, embroidery, paper, and yarn

April Showers did their job quite nicely and brought a delightful array of flowers to brighten the days!

Need more flowers in your life?

Check out this roundup of 20 Free Flower Patterns!

WOW! So much color! The Scrappy Posie pattern is the perfect size for a baby quilt! 

Hello Tulips! Make this fab flower mini with a free tutorial by Center Street Quilts

The free Fan Flower Quilt pattern is the perfect starting point for scrappy Dresden FUN! 

Hand up if you LOVE roses but hate the thorns! 

Sunflowers are the BEST! I have yet to meet a person that doesn't smile when they see sunflowers! 

Grab your hook to make a gorgeous Sunflower Bouquet

The detail in this crocheted Hyacinth bulb (including the free pattern) is spectacular! 

Don't have many hours to create? The Free Heart Flower Embroidery Pattern is a fab project to pick up when you have the time! 

DMC has a number of FAB+Free patterns including one for Mexican summer flowers!

Do you fancy felt? Create these sweet felt flowers to add to your bag, your hat, or somewhere else! 

Poppies are beautiful! Make these felt poppies with a free tutorial by Lia Griffith in red, yellow or light orange to keep in your house year round! 

How does your garden grow? With Martha Stewart, it is with delicate crepe paper flowers! Get started with her free DIY

Let's not forget about floral cushion covers! An all time favorite tutorial featured on V and Co. blog is this fun flower

If you live in the desert or love the desert (I do), you will adore making this cactus pillow with a sweet cactus flower

A Mason Jar filled with pretty flowers would look great ANYWHERE! Bev from Flamingo Toes shares how you can make this sweet project

Amy Butler's Snow Mum Pillow pattern is free and an easy way to add this fantastic 3D look to your home decor! 

Thanks for pinning

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