Texture Magic zippy case

I made an 8 minute video showing how I use Texture Magic.
It's a fun and creative way to add dimension to your projects.

Fabric by Rashida Coleman Hale for Ruby Star Society
Earrings by Enchantment Jewel.

**Note-- you'll want to cut your piece bigger than what you need, as it shrinks considerably. Below is a handy chart for reference.

Zipper Case pattern is here or here.

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How to improv piece fabric for bag making

Use up your scraps with easy improv piecing! I do it all the time for my bags, quilts, and clothes. 

It's FUN because there is little to no stress. 

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Remember this easy tutorial a while ago?
 I've re-sized it and added a belt to make it even MORE use-able.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I am NOT in the MOOD to carry a purse. 

I don't feel comfortable just handling a wallet - I will set that sh*t down and lose it in a heartbeat. 

Due to this fact about myself, the Waist Case works for me! I hope you enjoy it, and send me pics or post in the Facebook Group if you make one. :D YAY! If you modify it to make it "yours"  all the more yay! That's what SEWING is about!

*This is easier to sew than a fanny pack, which I have in the works but I'm having some issues with the style, so it could be a while. LOL!

Any of my vinyls will work for this project.

The PDF download Instructional is HERE.

The VIDEO walk through is here on my YouTube channel.

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