A few notes for the weekend.

A few quick notes.

The Santorini Tote is now available for shops through both Brewer & Checker distributors. You might see the model above (made with peach croc vinyl) at Market this weekend!

Home Sewists can buy the pattern in PDF or printed booklet through my shop here, on Etsy, OR from your local brick & mortar!

If you make a #santorinitote I'd LOVE to see it! I share your work, on many social media channels so be sure to tag me if you want some lovin'.

 @sewhungryhippie on IG

We have NEW vinyls in stock -- truly just in! I'm slowing things down for Summer so there won't be a reorder on these. If you want them, get them soon.
I've felt a change coming for quite a while and I have to listen - it will be family time for the next few months. My kids are small for only "so long". It goes too fast.

Extra wide strapping in the shop.

"Vegan leather" also known as vinyl (LOL) back in stock too.

Bliss has gone to print and will be available in June! I'm really excited about this pattern - it was a long time in the making. 
 Did you know there is a video walk through also? Yay! My YouTube channel is here.

This below is the PDF version. I'll reveal the printed booklet when it's ready. 

More on BLISS in this blog post if you fancy a read.

My Dip-Dye tote and easy passport clutch are in the latest issue of Sew News. 

I adore this magazine, the projects are so doable and useful.

Some things I learned this week:

1. Don't confront people who've copied your patterns / ideas. They are unable to listen and will be defensive and ugly and continue it far longer than one would expect. It's not worth it. 
LET IT GO - they don't matter anyway. Focus on YOU.

2. Reading is my happy place. The book Code Name Verity is lovely and had me crying like a baby.

3. I think we all are under a lot of stress lately with world events, more than ever it seems. I find gathering with my Quilty friends SO healing. Even when Wendy calls me manic. (The proper word is HYPER Wendy eh hem!!!) I'm so glad when I make time to meet. 

4. Explore a new place and eat there. I recently discovered Miko poko on Monroe St in Madison and it's amazing. My new Quilty BFFs Trish & Amy (of Tansey Designs) took me there. Thanks girls!

5. Make time for nothing. Room for space, for day dreaming, for sitting. I believe a lot of "over reaction" is due to having NO time to sit and think about it first (see #1).  Yeah - that.

6. Be nice. For no reason, even though it's difficult sometimes (especially to a rude person or road rage chap). You don't know what's happening behind the scenes.  (Also pertains to  #1 / even if I see this happen again, I will react differently. I will still stand up for myself, but I will be softer in my approach.)

7. I am saving money in an account "I can't see" to get back to England. I am missing Cornwall something fierce lately. I always miss my friends in England, that's nothing new,  but wow - the pull is real. Those coast lines, those cliffs...

What have you learned this week?
I'm STILL working on my crochet. LOL!

See you on the upside. 



Trina and Wendy Backpack Sewing Patterns

The Wendy Backpack is see-through and a relatively fast sew.

I recommend using 10 to 12 gauge vinyl (in my shop here) as these are easy to sew and still strong. If it's your FIRST time, use 10 gauge. 

I talk more about sewing vinyl HERE so I won't repeat myself -- but absolutely DO get a teflon foot. Sewing is so much easier with the right tools!

I love how Tara covered her machine with a baking silicon mat for extra glide. Clever!

Here is the back cover of the pattern for the supply list:

Ruby is wearing the medium size below:


This example backpack is the small size. 

All vinyls / vegan leathers shown in examples are in my shops both here and here

Size small

Size medium.

Full   measuring approx 16.5" w x 18.5" h x 5" d

Medium  15" x 16" x 4"
Small   12" x 13" x 3"

The full size is intended for stadium events, games, weekends away, and camping or hiking. It's huge and useful. It will fit two 60" x 80" quilts easily with some room to spare.

Most people however will probably prefer the Medium and Small sizes for everyday use.

Here's a full size Trina in Pink Crackle Metallic pu leather and silver glitter webbing (both in my shop)

It was a cinch to make using foam interfacing on the exterior pieces and SF101 on the lining, just like the pattern calls for. 

Dawn made am incredible Trina backpack with a Wefty-ized front panel that she then put clear vinyl over to protect it. Jaw dropping!

I had a ton more photos of examples and then my computer went and shut down, losing all my work. Don't you hate that when it happens?  I lost my video edits too -- so that's not happening right now. 

If I can get things working I'll post my video to YouTube with a private link and update anyone that has purchased the pattern(s). 

Find more tutorials and project walk through vids here:

THANKS to my testers and helpers - I appreciate you so much.

Happy Making!


5 minute vinyl key fob

Make a 5 minute vinyl key fob with this video tutorial and some scrap vinyl.

Easy peasy!

**If you are new to sewing vinyl, read this blog post quick for tips.**



vinyl scrap 1" x 13" length
webbing 1.25" x 13"
key fob hardware 1.25"
fray check
rubber mallet
Gutermann all purpose thread or other strong thread
Chrome Universal needle suggested 

In the video I'm demonstrating with GLITTER webbing found here.

Vinyls shown (these are links):

Turquoise Mermaid (on back order expected arrival end of April )

Chrome needles are stronger and I prefer them on most projects. I have some here.

Key fob hardware here.

If you make some I'd love to see them :D  
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ALMOST time for a new release:
 May 1 Wendy & Trina backpack patterns drop! (only 2 weeks away)

The WENDY clear backpack pattern and the TRINA backpack. Special offer to newsletter subscribers only, don't miss out. These patterns have video walk through included. YAY!

TRINA is the quilting cotton version with a lining.

I can't wait to show you more - but that's another post. See you later friends!