Coffee House Bag video now live

The Coffee House Bag video is ready for viewing. It's available for free for those who have purchased my pattern

Here is a preview clip:

Send me a message if you have the pattern, and I'll pop the full length video over to you! All future purchases of this pattern will have the link in the pattern (with password).

Coffee House Bag is available in PDF instant download format  AND printed booklet format with color photos (printed locally on recycled paper using biodegradable ink).

My friend Piera makes an acrylic template for the flap piece.

YES you can sell your bags - if you post on social media and tag me / my pattern I will share when I'm able to. Sometimes it takes me a few days, but I really try to support YOUR work too.
**It helps when photos are clear and bright. I have a quick tutorial on taking better photos here.
In my Instagram Story Highlights I show you how I edit my photos.

Wanda's metro bag for her Grandson with waxed canvas and a squared flap. He took it to D.C. 

The cover girl bag in pieced scraps, sashiko stitched, and zebra striped cork. This bag is easy enough to make it out of a variety of materials including cork, vinyl, leather, canvas, and more.

Various interfacings can be used as well. See how the same pattern looks a little different with these changes here:

I can't wait to see YOUR Coffee House Bags! 
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Updates on Easy Zipper Case pattern

My Easy Zipper Cases is an easy sewing pattern with three sizes. 

These are lined, stand up on their own, and are totally doable if you're new to sewing zippers.

As always, you can sell your makes! I super appreciate you crediting my pattern if you post on social media, it really does help my business. Thank you.

I have videos to help you through making them here and here. These were early vids and I'll remake them soon, but at least if you get stuck you can see. Yay! Thank you for subscribing. :)

For the fatter contrast bottom (now updated in the PDF) - use ALMOST the same height as the focus fabric. In other words, for a size Medium you'll cut 10" x 4.25" for focus fabric and 10" x 4" for contrast bottom. The boxed corners take a big bite out, so that's why we cut this way.

Here is the link to the printed Easy Zipper Cases pattern.

Here is the link to the instant download PDF pattern.

If at all possible DO buy yourself a zipper foot. It makes sewing zippers so much easier! YES really.

If you're making a vinyl case, get a teflon foot. I talk a lot about sewing vinyl here.

I can't wait to see your Making Magic efforts! Tag me @sewhungryhippie so I can do cartwheels with you!

My latest bag pattern is in May-June McCall's Quilting magazine on news stands now! The digital version is available here.

I used Mother's Choice quilt block on the front and I love the super deep pockets on the back. I'd love to see your version! 

Join my Makers Group here on Facebook so you can be inspired and post your makes. The feedback is always positive and helpful.
See you soon!



I thought it would be fun to share some of my FAVORITE of FAVORITIST things today.  (Not sewing related because we all live outside sewing too right?!) 

Have fun on your browse, if you have questions comment below or shoot me an email. ;)

I'll be eating cake ALL DAY LONG today. Hopefully under a quilt reading a book and a stack of magazines. 

From top left corner :

1. The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson    
Holy shizzle this book is awesome - could NOT stop reading, for many reasons. 

2. Wool PhD socks by Smartwool for Athleta. My go-to socks, year round. They don't bind my ankles and give me pressure marks, they keep my feet dry and comfortable, and they last.

3. Live-In Pretty Bralette by GAP. My favorite bra ever. E V E R.

4. Pink tank by Old Navy - this is the exact tank I could live in forever. Rib knit, stretchy, stays on my hips, and the PERFECT shade of pink.  (You always size down at Old Navy by the way). 

5. Funnest earrings ever and LIGHT weight. I've ordered 2 pairs already with my eyes on a third. Naomi makes these, so visit her Etsy shop here.

6. Bengal Spice tea is my Bae. For reals I probably drink 4 cups a day at a minimum. It soothes my ice-y heart during the winter and feels like a hug.
(Plus it's ZERO calories.)

7. I put rainbow sprinkles  in EVERYTHING (these are actually jimmies if we're getting Bakery Technical).  Yes even on top of my morning "overnight" oats recipe here which is supposed to be mega healthy.  I use HEMP milk in mine. Makes me feel like I have some sort of street cred. I don't know, just go with it.

I don't care man, you live ONE LIFE so use those sprinkles! 

Buy them in bulk here along with dates and nuts. I mean it's all about balance right? LOL

8. I've been collecting pins for a while now but I'm super selective. I am in LOVE with these at Sugar Milk and also Punky Pins.

9. The candles from Bath and Body are so yum to me - currently obsessed with coconut eucalyptus. I love their pumpkin and apple ones too - anytime of year. If you sign up for emails they ALWAYS have sales / coupon codes.

YAY! So I'm also learning to crochet and feel like a real dummy - my hands just don't wanna do it, but I'm head strong AF so I'm gonna keep workin' it. I have goals of making a sweater one day, we shall see. 

Inspo like a mofo:

For now I'll keep my eyes feasting on Jeannie's knitted sweaters. She's AMAZING and makes the most incredible things. Seriously - check out her IG feed. I want it all.

What are you up to and what are your faves? I'm curious and want to know! :D

Have a great day - or not. It's ok either way right?