How to Paper Piece

Here is a paper-piecing video tutorial for you! I'm walking you through the steps I use to have a successful paper pieced block. I don't claim to be an expert -- there are MANY ways to paper piece, but these are the steps I use, and they work for me.

The block I'm using I drew in EQ8, so feel free to use it.

The layout is from twisting and turning the blocks till I liked the end result. Play with it and make it your own! YAY!

Here is the block PDF - print at 100% (NO SCALING).

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The Stella Light TWO

Stella TWO features:
-Ten levels of brightness -Three light temperatures / moods -50,000 hrs of LED light bulb use -No heat -Portable / long cord to plug in helps a ton! -White or Black sleek finish -Light weight -Bendy neck :D

  • LEDs produce little to no heat, use only a fraction of the power of conventional light sources, and are rated to last 50,000 hours! This means that once a customer has our light in their work space, they can depend on it for years to come, without ever having to change a bulb.

  • Stella’s Box acts like a carrying case! After you have unpacked your light, be sure to keep the box as it makes the perfect travel case.

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Scrappy Holiday Card DIY tutorial

Make some Holiday Cards with card stock, scraps of fabric or vinyl, glitter, and Modpodge.  

This is a fun craft to keep kids busy too.

Use your scraps!

Vinyl Scrap bags available in my shop!

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