Leschi sew-along day one

This is the first post for sewing the Leschi - an excellent sewing pattern by Straight Stitch Designs. 

If you need to pick up the pattern, you can find PDF or Printed Booklets here.

 I made my first top in this fabric by AMH/ Conservatory collaboration. Design by Monika Forsberg . You can find it here.

For the first go I suggest using a light weight cotton, linen, linen rayon blend, or lawn. Once you've mastered the techniques sewing a rayon version is much easier.  More discussion on this here.

Here is the link to the video if it won't play for you above. 

There are two videos for the Leschi top, the next video will be posted next weekend (11/25/18). They will be up forever (or as long as I have this blog) - so please don't worry or rush or panic. 

You can sew it at any time. 

Please tag me on social media @sewhungryhippie if you make one and found my videos helpful. I will re-post your photos (with permission) to support your work and promote our community.



Leschi Blouse Sew-Along

I'm so excited to host a sew-along again with Modern Sewciety for the Leschi Blouse. It's one of my all time favorites due to the effortless chic look and the top notch sewing pattern. I love a well written pattern - you know I do! 

For the sew-along I'm bringing you two weeks of instructions and video step-by-step walk through. 

YES we will finish with only TWO posts! 

A big difference from the last sew-along right? LOL
You need a break with the Holidays looming. This is self-care, so take the time to sew for yourself to negate the craziness of Nov/Dec.

image by this company

You will need the pattern  so grab a copy here. Kimberly is generously offering a discount for sew-along participants for a limited time, so pop over and pick it up.  The code at checkout is "Leschi20" for 20% off.  
(Note you can toggle between PDF or printed version on linked page.)

I much prefer the printed version because it's on high quality paper that is easy to trace. I then roll it up with a rubber band and stick it in a pot in my sewing closet for easy keeping.
Lately I've been "so over" PDFs. I don't know, maybe it's lack of time? Printed patterns are a YES for me. 

On that note, if you choose the PDF version she has included a copy shop file and the AO file. I recently explored this and had a batch of PDFs printed by PDF Plotting here. It is AMAZING. The turnaround is SO fast and the stuff came back spot on. No mistakes. No waiting in line at Staples. It's pretty self explanatory, choose the black and white printing option at the top of the website and scroll down to the size of the file. If you need help they have great customer service. I did one wrong the other day and they emailed me straight away to teach me what I did wrong, and how to fix it. Love that!

Actual representation of line at Staples. Bahahaha!

Fabric talk

I have yardage in the print I used here,  if you want to make your first one in cotton like I did. It's a boxier look than intended, but I needed a first go with fabric that behaves. It was going to be my muslin, but it turned out so well that I've worn it twice already. 

I was pleased this AMH Conservatory line is soft enough to lend a great look for this top. I think it really depends on the cotton you use, and if it feels too stiff it IS. Throw it across the room and search for something else.

Kimberly suggests drape-y fabrics like rayon, rayon linen blends, crepe, gauze, and linen voile.

I made one out of rayon and nearly lost my shizzle - it was not the day to be sewing rayon, let's just say that. HOWEVER, if you are patient and have time to use pins properly and not get annoyed by people asking you to make 456 meals, then by jove go for it! 

Yeah, I didn't even change my serger thread. #whatever

Kimberly has a fantastic blog post discussing the various fabrics you can use for this top. Read it here, it's well worth five minutes! 

The Leschi pattern comes in sizes 0-24 and has a high - low hem, 3/4 sleeves with optional cuffs. 

It really is chic and casual at the same time. My fave.

In her pattern she instructs how to grade it out at the hips if you are different sizes on top vs hips. I LOVE THAT. It's what I did, I am wearing a 6 at the top/shoulders and then graded to a 10 at the hip area. I'll go through this in the video.

I'm so excited about this top and I hope you'll try Kimberly's other patterns too - they are excellent.

See you soon! Bring your friends and let's learn and have fun together.

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OK let's get ready to sew together. 

gather materials
get the pattern
wash and dry fabric
set up a space to work in zen atmosphere (LOL)


Sew a clear bag

Here are some videos to get you making clear bags with success. 

These are MEGA EASY to sew. Seriously.

Get the right tools for the job and YOU can do ANYTHING!

I always advise using a teflon (non-stick) foot when sewing vinyl.

I use a regular size 80 needle.

NEVER press a hot iron onto vinyl, it will melt.

Some people like to put wax paper underneath the vinyl, to slide along the machine bed - but I've never needed to do that. I don't find it's *that* sticky.

I use a hair dryer when turning my vinyl projects right sides out.

The leather straps I carry in the shop are easily sewn. I don't change my needle, foot, or anything when sewing them onto bags. If you choose, you can use rivets or hardware, but it's not necessary. 

Glitter vinyl is available in clear, black. purple, pink, and teal green HERE in my shop.  

Kits are ready to ship in the shop here for version one, two, and three.  Version one pictured above, version two has D rings and lobster swivel hooks (first pic in this post), and Version 3 has binding all around the top edge and is smaller. 

Version 2

Version 3

If you can't view these videos, try my You Tube channel here.

teflon foot

Version 3 is same as Version one except bind the top edge of vinyl.

Video for version 3 coming in the next couple of days. I had to take a break to make Halloween costumes for my kids. :D

You can use 10 or 12 gauge for these bags, but I tend to favor 12 gauge. It stands up a bit more than ten. Both will work however. 

I have a ton of vinyl tutorials on this blog. 
Remember this one from 2015?

If you have questions I'm here to help!