Fat Mat yoga bag pattern supplement

 This supplement to my Ananda Yoga Bag pattern is for those ultra plush mats on the market now- I call them phat mats. Or fat mats.  It is constructed exactly the same way, only the measurements have changed.

If you missed the Ananda Yoga Bag pattern, get it here for free.

Download the PDF supplement for the phat mat here.


On another note, because it's that "resolutions" time of year anyway, I've decided to get these WIP piles done. My friend Lucy +Charm About You is one of the hosts for the Finish-a-Long 2017 group. I'm participating and you should too- there are prizes to be won! LOL   Let's do it!

From Lucy's blog: "For those of you who are new to the FAL, it is a place to find motivation and encouragement to complete those unfinished projects that are hanging about becoming UFOs. Every quarter you post a list of projects you hope to finish in the next three months, and then at the end of the quarter, you post a link from your blog, Flickr or Instagram of each successful finish from your original list.

Each finish is an entry for wonderful prizes from our sponsors. There is no penalty for not finishing a listed project, so feel free to make your list long or short, as you wish." 


1. Quilt the Glamp sampler wall hanging I pieced last summer at Pink Castle's amazingly fun Glamp Stitch-a-lot

2. Hand quilt the Summer Sampler quilt in the places I was struggling with machine quilting it. It's being used, on my bed- and I LOVE seeing it every single day. But let's face it, I need to get those spaces quilted.

3. Quilt my Chinese Silk velvet quilt. It's been pulling apart at the seams, so I guess that means I need to tightly quilt it for strength. The brocade just can't hold up to the weight of the velvet on the backing. Boo.

4. Get my own design complete- I have one block done, I need to do about 15 more. I hope it works. It's a paper piecing project I created in EQ7 (which by the way I need to learn like a thousand times better than I do)... maybe next quarter.

5. Quilt the mini I made from scraps/strings. I ended up not loving it, but maybe once it's quilted I will?

(No photo yet but I'll update tomorrow hopefully.)

6. Finish writing my coffee press pattern. I need this mainly for myself. Sometimes I make stuff and then later when I want to repeat it, I forget how to do it.  So dumb right? LOL

Whew. Let's hope something gets done on that list. 

Happy Making friends! 

Only a few weeks left until Quilt Con- it's my first year going and I'm SO excited. . . 

There is something so FUN about being a newbie, because all the possibilities are hanging out there in the wind, flying around without boundaries.   I love that. 

See you soon. :D


Ananda Yoga Bag Sewing pattern tutorial and PDF

Here is an easy-to-sew Yoga Bag pattern called "Ananda" which means Bliss in Sanskrit. 

It has step by step instructions and photos, all in a PDF file for you to download. Just in time for a fresh New Year! I've streamlined this to be quick and simple. 

Feel free to dress it up with custom bling.  ;D

This bag is designed for ease - mat slides in easily and there is no fussing with a closure. It has a pocket deep enough for cell phones, and a comfortable strap that slings across the back or shoulder (or hand carry).   

An adjustable strap would be a nice touch if you so choose, but this one-size-fits-most has been road tested on quite a few different body types, plus it's simple to make.

My SIL models these bags for me:

This pattern is for the standard size yoga mat which measures approximately  68" x 24" at 1/4" thickness. 

These would make great gifts for any Yogi including yourself!

Want it even faster?  
*Leave off the quilting part. 
*Use webbing for the strap.
*Omit the pocket.
*Make it with one whole piece rather than a contrast bottom.

Digitally drawn instructions as well as photos guide you along the process. My goal is to help you see how awesome you are as you sew up this one of a kind bag. If you run into any trouble just text /email / IM / or send smoke signals ----and I will give you support. 
You won't need it though. ;)

Yes you can sell your bags Homies. I want you to make tons of money so you will invite me to take a ride in your G6 --- as we schmooze with Martha and Snoop of course.

Why "ananda"? The backstory: When I came home from a tour in Iraq (2003-2004) things had changed big time for me. I no longer wore rose tinted glasses. The world was so much smaller to me. Things seemed tighter, closer, more intense. A slammed door sent me crashing to the floor more than once. Embarrassed and raw, I was searching for something to help me make sense of the chaos. 

Enter yoga, meditation, and the study of Sanskrit. I bought numerous books on Sanskrit and ancient India and immersed myself in the teachings of early humanity including Buddhism and Taoism. I had Sanskrit tattoos imprinted on me as a reminder that the only moment we should worry about is right now. It is SO easy to forget.

This moment is all that matters. There might not be another one.

Sanskrit words can be spoken as a chant, like a meditation or mantra. Some favorites of mine are: 
Niyama (observance) 
Om (the sound of the Universe)
Bhakti (love and devotion)

My favorite thing is to play this DVD Kundalini Yoga and do the 9 min chant at the end. My kids even sing it with me.

Back to sewing.

My plan is to bring a wellness sewing pattern every month to you, in hopes you will take some time for yourself and sew, draw, or make whatever brings you joy. 

Ananda means bliss.
 "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Cambell said. 

Thank you to my testers! If you want to be in my testing group, message me or comment below. Ideally I'd like a photo so I can share your awesomeness, but if that's too hard don't worry about it. 

If you happen to have a Fat Mat (those thicker ones you can buy now,) here is a supplement PDF to make this size of bag. My friend Leslie models this large bag size below:

Another wellness pattern I offer: 
The Essential Oils case travel bag.
Essential Oils case pattern available here.

Thanks for being here friends. I hope you have fun making one or fifty-- and tag me so I can send you virtual hugs!




Hippie roundup of Cleo Skirt

I know you'll understand my excitement and weirdness once you purchase the Cleo Skirt pattern by Rae Hoekstra. Everybody wants fast, easy, and fun these days... well, you get it with Cleo. 

Rae will launch it early 2017, so get on her email list because a lot of times she has special offer codes available when a new pattern comes out. 

The above photos are my muslin (the first go at a sewing pattern). It's made with Moda quilting cotton and a linen hem. It turned out better than I thought so I'll be wearing it. At first I thought I'd look Golden Girls in that large flower print, but you know- I loved Blanche (Rue McClanahan) so whatever.

I turned a quilt top I made (out of fabric by Carrie Bloomston) into this Cleo:
I think this one might be my fave. Everything Carrie designs is gold. Her new fabric line Dreamer comes out in March, it's truly stunning--like it caught my breath stunning.  Usually reactions like that are saved for Kevin Costner sightings or flash $3 fabric sales.

I've posted my reviews before of all my Rae makes, if you'd like a refresher you can read this post or have a look at my recent Rae makes on IG.  I'm a self taught sewing person- sewist? I don't know all the "right" ways or tricks of the trade, but I do now how to get sh*t done. I do know how to make something I will use year after year. You don't need to be an expert sewer to wear clothes you make. Just go for it!  You don't have to buy fancy equipment either, I didn't have a serger / overlocker for years because it wasn't in my budget. Pink those edges darlings! It's all GOOD. 

Just my two cents, I'll stop popping off now. 

This version was made with a stretch taffeta I sourced at Joann Fabrics. It's poofier than cotton, so the waist is a little baggy in back, but you know what this means? I can eat until I burst without any impingement on my waist.  This is #winning at life you guys.

 I think I'm smelling my turtle neck sleeve here, which is doubly weird.

If sewing with taffeta, I highly recommend a microtex needle so your fabric doesn't tear. Other than that, I made sure my tension was set a smidge lighter than normal, and I was golden. Press using a press cloth or a light heat setting too.

Okay, so go fire up your sewing machine and get wild.  I cannot wait to see how you interpret Cleo!

This dress is blogged here.