Quilty Summer

I'm pretty sure it's due to the Eclipse, or maybe because Lorde released her long awaited new album----- which I bought immediately of course because I'm cool AF.....Whichever it is, I've had a lot of quilt finishes this Summer, and I'm super happy about that!

For me, I love piecing the top but the actual "quilting" part is a huge struggle. It's hard physical work, and I have to summon the gods for strength to commence.
Not really.
But you get what I'm sayin'!

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I'm talking buying a cart load of Nerds, Starbursts, sparkly water, and a vat of coffee (Columbian only please! AS IF!)....

Image result for nerds candy Image result for starbucks colombian coffeeSparkling Mineral Water

This Quilt above is 3.5" squares and hugenormous. Like 101" long hugenormous. Yes, I want a trophy. 

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This one below is made with 6.5" squares I think, if I remember correctly. It was a week ago, so I can't be counted on for exactness. 

Look at those crazy eyes on Mia. She has been making me laugh so hard lately with her Nic Cage Face. She makes it spontaneously at me "MOM!!! LOOK!" she'll yell. 

Of course I look immediately because she sounds like she's about to be eaten by fire ants, and then I get this:

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I used up lots of fabric I've been hoarding for a while, like this AMH Loominous green print:

I loved this quilt, but I'm sort of over it now. I may sell it, my Etsy Shop will be stocked this week. I'm having a sale since my Quilt Cabinet is bursting at the seams, and I'm "over" a lot of them. What good do they do sitting in a cabinet?! NONE!  I'm going to de-stash some fabric, notions, and patterns I've never used as well. FYI.

This HST Quilt below is in this month's issue of Modern Patchwork. I remember how crazy I felt quilting all those diagonal lines -especially since I COLOR CHANGED each time I hit a new color! I mean--NUTSO. Totally nutso.

But I seriously do love it.

This petal quilt is one of my favorites because it's pretty much all Cotton & Steel pinks, including the backing--alllllll pink with gold dots! Set on a muslin background so it doesn't feel too pretentious.

In the last blog post I shared this pattern, which you probably don't really need a pattern for, but hey! I need to practice Adobe Illustrator so there you go. Bahahaha

 Another squares Patchwork quilt--but these were 10" BIG PAPA squares. This quilt sold.

Used up my entire BLUE Scrappy bin on this improvisational quilt:

The Popsicle Parade Quilt was professionally quilted by my friend Kathy Talley. This pattern is by Hello Melly Designs.   Yes, I got tired and stopped at 5 pops each row. :D 

I have a new pattern in the works for a September release--it will be FREE, YAY!  Not sure why the quilting bug bit me, but I'm flowing with it.


Did you catch these HOT items this Summer?

Bespoke Outlaw made her daughter a little nook. I want one! 

It's time for a Cleo Skirtalong

Annabel Wrigley of Little Pincushion Studio Improv Doodle Pieces! I am DYING OVER THESE! 

STITCH SUPPLY CO has these adorbs Quilt Kits for only $16 in her shop!! We could all finish one of these by Halloween!


It's been a tough week, I want to hug you.

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Have a great week!


PDF download for Pendant Mini Quilt


I made a PDF printable for making this mini HERE

It was supposed to be modern and reminiscent of mountains, but for me I always think of bunting / pendants.  Remember my Bunting Quilt I made years ago? You can see it here.   ;)

These are not "walk you through it" instructions by any means, but they will get you there, if you know how to do basics. 

Quick cut off screen shots from the PDF:

My solids are all Kona by Robert Kaufman. I think this mini would look amazing in Moda Bella solids, shot cottons, and even prints! 

Use #hhpendantquilt on Instagram and/or
tag me if you make one, I'd love to see!


Make a Scrappy Rope Rug

These top photos are from my IG feed.

There was a lot of chatter about this simple thing, which is awesome. Sometimes happy accidents give the best results. 

Following the flow.

Use cotton clothesline rope found HERE.  

(OR get a rug kit in my shop here.)

Scraps from the scrap bin.

Sew with a wide zig zag stitch.

To get the desired result on the back, fold the fabric around the rope like a hot dog bun on a hot dog, and let the tails stay flat while you keep sewing around and around. The tails eventually become sewn as well, and give more pOp to the rug on this side. 

Watch the quick video here to visualize it.

Download the one page photo instruction sheet HERE.

100 feet of rope (as in standard packages) will give approx a 19" circle, so for a standard circle rug (like at IKEA or something)-you'd need at least 150 to 200 ft.  Mine is 37" diameter.  

I'm making up some kits for my Etsy Shop in case you are eager to get started.  :)  They will ship next week.

The kits will include 200 ft of cotton rope, scraps, and a printed sheet with instructions and inspiration for various projects including this rug.  I love kits because they allow me to "get going" instead of searching for supplies here and there.