Lamé fold over zipper case tutorial

Shiny Lamé fold over Case tutorial

Get the PDF download here for free and whip some of these sweet babies up in no time!

You can make these any size. The instructions are the same. The PDF has full color photos and illustrations to guide you through it. It's fun experimenting with different materials, just go for it!

More free tutorials:

My newest pattern is in the shop now, and going to print soon! It features huge see-through pockets on both sides as well as inside. You can find it here.

A HUGE thank you to my testers! Here are some of their samples:


Eagle tote for a birdwatcher by BuzyBette

More pics coming in from testers as we speak, I'll be posting them here and on IG.  This pattern is great for the adventurist beginner. 

I'm packing for Quilt Market in St Louis this coming week- my first time to attend. It's exciting to do new things, don't you think?

Happy sewing!


Patterns going to print and April garment roundup

Hello again. A lot has gone on since I last posted, and there is so much to talk about I don't know where to start or what to post. That sounds a little crazy, but it's true. I know you KNOW what I mean.... Just like when there is so much "to do" you can't seem to start. Like that.

Like you, I have a gajillion projects in the works right now and am so furiously sewing there is no time to sit at the computer. I love blogging though, because if nothing else, it's a record of life. Maybe one day when I'm 85 and fabulous I'll look back and smile at these memories. These days that pass so quickly it's a challenge to revel in the wonder that life is. Without becoming too sappy, I'll get to some news.

My Pixel Skull pattern is being printed as we speak!
It will be available in local shops, as well as mail order from my Etsy shop. I'm really happy about this, it feels "big" to me for some reason. 

Cathal here is 9 years old and made my quilt, which he is having featured in Dublin soon! So amazing Cathal, well done!!

My Essential Oils case pattern is going to be available in print soon. I'm excited because I used to live in rural England, and believe it or not it was difficult to download PDFs at times, and forget about watching videos. That was only a couple years ago--we had to PAY for every byte we used. It was so frustrating. So, I realize the need to print patterns and hope to have my most popular ones available soon by mail or in local shops.

I've also finished writing my newest tote pattern- The Essentials Tote with "glass pockets". I'm waiting on some more tester feedback before I have this printed, but you can get the PDF version here if you like. This tote uses 20 gauge vinyl for pockets - making it super easy to locate essentials. 

 I've started working in a local quilt shop- Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton, WI. I'm still working as an RN as well, so my days are super filled and time is even more precious than it already was. I hope to eventually shift from nursing work to all sewing work. I love being a nurse, but my passion is making things. Period.

I sometimes wish I'd done things differently when starting out in the world. I don't think I thought being "artsy" could be a viable lifestyle, in terms of making money. For kids in the 80's (and before)-- art wasn't deemed a "real job", at least not in my family, and I think that's a mistake. When you do what you love, you find a way to make it work. Sometimes I daydream about running an art museum, or rubbing shoulders with Sotheby's staff, or maybe designing gowns for celebrities like Michelle Obama. . . Who knows what the answers to life are? I don't. All I know is we do the best we can with what we know at the time.
 And time changes everything.

I forgot this in the collage.  AMH Loominous fabric in a simple dress pattern by New Look.

Being more organized is on my 2017 radar, so I'm going to make collages of each month's garment makes for now. I may get to quilt, bag, and other sewing projects- but for now it's too much. 

I'm still learning Adobe Illustrator, and just making a collage takes me a while. LOL 

Clematis wristlet in Alexander Henry animal bones and black glitter vinyl. (Sold).

Lastly, here are some items I've purchased that have rocked my world. The metal baking pans are the first pans that don't turn black or get all gross when I bake things. I've been using them with the silicone mats and it's been AMAZING. No need to buy a ton of foil or wax paper or spray the hell out of them. Clean up is a cinch. LOVE them.  

I'm working on an improve scrappy quilt in my favorite blues. 
It's "quilt as you go" style. 

This stuff is amazing for piecing together bits of batting. I like to use everything up and hate to waste----so this has been great! I used it in my latest quilt and I can't tell where the pieced batting pieces are, so yay!  I'll share pics of the last four quilts I've finished when I get a chance to photograph them. 

Have a great week Friends! XOXOXOXO


New Tote pattern coming soon! Free coffee cozie sewing pattern

 This simple tote pattern is my go-to favorite. I designed a larger one about six years ago but it needed some revamping. I scaled it down a little, added an extra large vinyl pocket on both sides and inside, and foam interfacing. 

I'm going to release this pattern in it's simple version form, and add tutorials for extra touches like purse feet, more pockets, zipper pocket on the inside, and a snap closure at the top.  

My 9 yr old takes my photos sometimes. I like hers better than when I do it with a tripod.

I tend to like fast, easy bags that I can make in between the kids needing my attention.  

I've been on the computer a lot the past few weeks writing new patterns and quilt designs. Speaking of, my Color Splash quilt pattern is now available here.  

Tutorial for this super silky ruffl-y sham coming soon.

Here is a free coffee cozie pattern for you. These are great gifts, whipped up in just a few minutes. I've been making them since 2009 when I started sewing, and this is by far my favorite way- no closures.

I decided to do it like this after running out of cute buttons and elastics one day. My pattern is a bit longer than most, because I the way I close. 



1 fat quarter fabric
1 FQ batting or thermolam / insulator of your choice

Use pattern piece provided HERE
1 main fabric
1 lining fabric
1 or 2 layers batting / thermolam / or fleece

1. Stack layers  RST (right sides together): lining, exterior, batting on top. Pin in place. Sew all around perimeter leaving one short side open for turning.  

2. Trim seam allowance and trim off corners.

3. Turn right sides out, gently pushing corners out with a knitting needle or chopstick. Press well. 

4. Turn in opening on side, press, and sew closed.

5. Top stitch all around cozie.

6. Wrap around a coffee cup / reusable thermos and measure where it needs to fit. Pin in place, remove from cup, and sew.

This part can be a little tricky, just go slowly and move the sleeve around to make it easiest for you. I like to sew looking at the inside. 

I feel the pin, and when I get close with the sewing needle I pull it out. I sew slowly here. lock stitching at beginning and end.

Done! A fast and cute gift for the many Cuties you know.

Raid the scrap bin, let's make 100! 


(But not on your finners!)  LOL