how to sew a vinyl keep case

These fast sews are so FUN! They don't take long at all because there is no lining to mess with. 

The vinyl looks great on its own, and allows you to see your shizzle. 

Need vinyl? I've got some kits available HERE if you want to give this a try without spending a ton of money (shipping rolls of vinyl is expensive Yo!)

You'll want to use a Teflon or NON STICK sewing foot when sewing with vinyl.  If you don't have one, for a super fast fix, put scotch tape on the bottom of your sewing foot. It allows the foot to glide over the vinyl. Students in my classes do this all the time and it works!

 Let's begin.

(2) pieces vinyl at 5" tall x 9" wide
(2) zipper tabs (cotton) at 2" x 3"
(1) 8" zipper or trim to size
non stick foot

1. (Use the scrap bin for these babes.) Take the zipper tabs and fold short ends in towards the middle and press. Press again to make a sandwich-(visualize double fold binding if you're a quilter). We stick the ends of the zipper in there so no puckered corners are visible. 

2. Tuck butt end of zipper into one tab and pin or clip in place. Sew along non folded edge, catching both sides as you sew. 

3. Trim zipper to 8" length (cut off those metal bits they are mean to sewing needles) and attach the other zipper tab in the same way. 

Trim sides to be as wide as the zipper. 

4. Lay the zipper RIGHT SIDE DOWN onto the vinyl. I would say right sides together but vinyl doesn't really have a wrong side.  Clip in place.

Wonder clips can be found here or in local shops.

5. If you have a zipper foot, put it on now and sew down the zipper at 1/4" seam. If using a regular foot just move the zipper head out of your way when your sewing foot comes near it.

6. Attach the other side in the same way- to the other side of the zipper.

7. Press flat and fold seam allowance toward body of case. Finger press and then top stitch this down for a profesh look. If persnickety about stitches showing match your vinyl color and thread now. 

8. OPEN the zipper. Alllllllllllllllllllll the way.

Did you OPEN the zipper?
Just checking.

I don't want you cussing at me.

9. Lay the RIGHT sides together. Clip in place.

10. Sew around sides and bottom at 1/4" SA. The top is open because of the zipper. 

11. Trim corners and seam allowance a touch.

12. Turn right sides out. Warm it up on the radiator or use a hair dryer to make the vinyl easier to turn. It only takes 20 seconds.

13. Poke the corners out with a chop stick or some sort of tool but BE CAREFUL. This is not a time to show off your biceps. 

ADMIRE your AWESOME new case! 

I want to see it or them! If you're name is Wendy I know you'll make 4356. I super want to see that.

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I LOVE and ADORE sewing with vinyl.

 Have you seen my other patterns and tutorials using this amazing fabric? 

Try it-- you'll have fun guaranteed.
And if you don't have fun maybe you're sour. Eat some sugar.

Have fun making My Friends!


How to use a Snap Press

Using a snap press is about a gajillion times easier than hammering them in, sewing snaps in, or using those hand powered snap wrench things. Gross!

I bought my press in 2011 and have used it SO MANY times- it's paid for itself a jillion times over. Once you get the hang of it you'll see what I mean. It's probably the best $199 I EVER spent. 

Here you can see I pressed in a snap for my Aragon Bag (sewing pattern by Sew Sweetness).

I close most wallets I make with snaps. I find it easier to get in, get my cash, and get out.

I use them on pockets, shirts, bags...  The list is endless. 

Mine sits on my table most of the time. I move it to the floor when company comes over. It's heavy enough for a quality press, but not so heavy I can't easily move it. 

But then again, I'm practically Arnold. Bahahaa I HOPE NOT!

I only have needed one allen wrench size, but it does come with several as pictured below.

There are two pieces you must know- the socket attachment piece, and the stud attachment piece. I call them the girl and boy parts because that's how my mind werks. Basically when you are putting on your snaps, make sure you have the correct piece loaded on the press according to where you want the stud or socket to sit. I don't really care much, as long as my snap works. But some people DO care. A LOT.  

I'll invite you to watch the video (at the bottom of this post) to really see how fast it is. 

The BIGGEST TIP I can give you, is to MARK your spots where you want the snap to center. 

Mark a dot  EXACTLY where you want that stud to hit. 

You THINK you could eyeball it, but trust me--it shifts easily, stealth like, --- some sort of witchery I swear. So mark it.

 The stud attachment rod can ONLY hold in the stud piece. The socket attachment rod can ONLY hold in the socket plastic piece.

** The trick is you have to think about how you're laying/lying the fabric/bag/pocket/whatever on the press ---so that from the outside you only visualize the smooth shiny portion, and the socket/stud combo combine to form a love union.

Watch the video to enhance this description.

You need two shiny smooth pieces, 1 stud, 1 socket for a single snap.  They are sold together most times, in your choice of size. I prefer size 20 snaps-they look nice and are substantial.
I buy them in packs of 500. They go fast once you get hooked.

You do want some thickness to whatever you're attaching a snap to.  A single layer of quilting cotton is NOT GOING TO WORK. Add interfacing, foam, or batting to the project. Use fleece, canvas with interfacing, or denim on its own. I would suggest practicing on a scrap pieces first to make sure the pointy bit has enough to grab on to. 

Here is the KAM website so you can browse the products and decide for yourself. 


Favorite Sewing Crushes Giveaway

I have some favorite sewing things I'd like to talk about and then ---GIVE THEM AWAY!

It's been an amazing year, both personally and for my sewing business so it's time to give back. I hope that doesn't sound like a brag- ewe gross! I still am not "making a living" from sewing--but progress is progress however small or big it may be. 

On the personal front I am focusing on having more intention in every day and every moment. It's not anything I can really explain, unless you want to chat over coffee sometime --yay? 

All I know is through this year's experiences I am realizing more and more that each moment does matter,  each person matters, truly listening matters, and every thought  M A T T E R S. 

I won't get all philosophical here in this post, or maybe ever on this blog (I don't want to lose you LOL!) The last thing we all need is a lecture-- am I right?! 

Let's get going.

1. Starting from the top left corner--- CASSINGLE! Yes I'm shouting -how can you not looking at that amazing make Lysa put together? I made my version last week and now it's hanging up in my sewing studio as my back drop.  This pattern can easily be assembled in a couple days. 

I used butcher paper to measure out my pattern pieces for the background and THEN cut them out. 

The cassette tape was super easy to assemble. I totally love how she gives you little tags to cut out for each pattern piece to keep things organized. 

I'm giving away one PDF pattern for Cassingle and YOU BETTER POST IT ON IG when you make it and tag me so I can oggle and drool over yours ok? Tag Lysa, because she's rad and will make a fuss too! It's nice to feel special right?!  LOL

2. Be a PINEAPPLE  Sweet Vibes Wall Hanging by Mandy Murray of Sew Quirky. Mandy is one of my most favorite designers- everything she makes is fresh and fun, with that elusive quality of grabbing attention without being pretentious. 

I LOVE everything in her shop.

I'm giving away this paper pattern- which will be mailed to your home address. Rules are the same- make it, share it, tag it, and most of all- have fun!

This is Mia's Cumberland that I added a dragon design to for flair.
Dragon paper piecing pattern available here by Quiet Play.

3. Cumberland Backpack paper pattern by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. This is by far my fave backpack pattern out there. I'm giving away one printed booklet pattern. 
As I tell everyone, her patterns are top notch and super clear, even if you're sort of new at sewing you can follow Sara's instructions. 

4. Color Hex quilt pattern by Jeni Baker. This is a pattern to make a 45" quilt with hexagons. No funky Y seams here, Jeni is clever with her piecing. Jeni's patterns are simple and clear- usually fast makes that provide immediate gratification. Perfect for busy people! This is one printed pattern booklet for the give away.

Some of the Cleo skirts I've made.

Photo via Rae's blog.

5. Cleo Skirt via Made by Rae. If you've read my blog EVER before, you know how crazy I am on Rae's patterns. They WORK. They are easy to understand, even for a beginner sewing person. Did I mention I learned how to sew garments with Washi and her blog? Yeah, she's the shizzle.    I'm giving away a printed pattern- beautifully printed including heavy gauge paper pattern pieces. 

6. Yellow - A Crayon Box for Quilters  
This book is super pretty and motivating !
Each book in this rainbow series features 6 patchwork projects celebrating a single color. In this case, it’s yellow – in all its sunshiny variations ­­– showcased in 4 quilts and 2 smaller, quick-to-make projects, clearly explained with the help of 50 illustrations. 

7. The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt
This book is endearing- there are 99 letters from The Farmer's Wife Magazine with a quilt block inspired by each one. Lots of different blocks in here that I've never seen before. Each one measures 6" x 6".

8. The Nosy Pepper's key chains are an addiction of mine, I have to say. I love them! Each one is made by Cyndi with her embroidery wizardry -- and come in whatever colors you desire. She also is a MASTER bag maker. I'll be giving away one or two key chains, depending on my mood. LOL!  You can buy your own here.

9. Wefty Needle! This little gadget was created by Inventor and Artist/Designer Tara J Curtis. I wish everyone had the luxury of meeting Tara in person because you'd want to be besties pretty much immediately.  Yup. She's pretty dang cool aaaaaaand smart. 

Don't know what this needle is about? Watch her YouTube videos and find out more. People get hooked on weaving after using it- it's so clever to make things easier.  Tara teaches classes too, so email her if you are a guild member and need a fresh presentation. 

You can buy a Wefty here if you fancy.


To enter this giveaway leave a comment here on the blog and follow me on IG.      

**It would be super cool if you could follow these amazing designers too. Here's a quick list of them all:

Lysa: @lysaflower
Mandy: @sewquirky
Jeni: @@jenib320
Rae: @madebyrae
Vanessa: @vchristenson
Tara @@weftyneedle

I have more to give away soon- (which is why you'll want to follow me on IG)... I only share and giveaway what I use and believe in. Most of these items listed were personal purchases by Moi. 

Why am I giving them away? Because I want you to use/make/try these patterns and tools. Sharing is caring right?! Bahahaha

Drawing closes 12/1/17