Recap of pattern releases 2020

 Quick lil' 2020 recap! 

I released 8 patterns this year and numerous free tutorials and videos. 

I think sometimes it's easy for people "not in the know" to think I stay at home to school my kids and have a loungy life. BAHAHA  Not at all. A lot of times the time investment in building a business is not seen from the outside, so here's a quick glimpse of some highlights. 

Shout out to all the Hustle Bosses out there!

1. Betty Bow Bag pattern:  #bettybowbag

I LOVE Erin's (@sewerinjo) upcycled jeans version so much. She also made her bow double thickness - which I will post a video on soon because I love that effect. You just cut out two bow shapes and sew them RST, leaving the sides open - flip RSO and proceed as normal.

2. The (hilarious) Banana Bag pattern: #bananabag 
I need to change this hashtag - did not properly vet it. Oops! 

When Trish @quiltchicken sent me a photo of her making #bananabag I almost peed my pants. 
Isn't she the cutest?! This is SO TRISH!

3. Woodstock Bag pattern: #woodstockbag

This bag below is by @felicitygreiner and I used it as the pattern cover. Gorgeous!

5. My Eye bag pattern:  #myeyebag
This one had been on my mind for at least a year. I was happy to finally release it.

6. HYPNOTIC Quilt pattern (PDF only right now):  #hypnoticquilt
I forced asked my friend Amie @tansy_designs to help me with this and she made the CUTEST pincushion pattern for it--in case you don't need another quilt.

7. Free Easy Squares Quilt pattern: 


8. The Pattern collab with Joe, June, and Mae for the Two Piece Pouch:

9. I added a recessed zipper tutorial to the Santorini tote pattern. Free video and everything YAY!

10. There was a  Sewalong for The Longarm of the North quilt shop to make the #candycrushquilt, my first pattern ever published in a magazine. Now in two books by Stash Books. 

11. I became a Minerva Maker and made these pants out of Egyptian Lawn cotton, totally amazing feel.

12. I'm now a Janome Maker and posted my first free project with them: (many more to follow!) 

13. Totally updated the fitted sheet tutorial for normal mattresses.
(I've had a Tempur-pedic for 14 years so I didn't realize it was thicker than most!) 

14. Released my super popular bunting pattern with Checker as a low cost printed booklet for shops to have as an easy beginner sewing pattern, + a low cost purchase. 
I love buntings and make them all the time - especially when my sewing mojo is low. They're easy and always work!  
 (Note to Shop Owners search "Natalie Santini" for my patterns and goods.)

15. Coordinated & negotiated for a factory to make my glitter webbing and leather straps *just the way I want them* so I can now sell wholesale to shops. You can also purchase them through Checker.  
My (finished) basement has become a warehouse, so we may be looking for space in the next year to expand. This was SO MUCH unanticipated work to complete, I'm surprised I stuck it out LOL.

The leather straps are completely SEWABLE. No hardware needed.
Dark brown, light brown, cinnamon, and black in 3/4" and 1.25". Other widths coming soon!
Video demo here.

We have revamped my filming room and purchased new camera equipment, so future videos will be super duper in focus (which makes me slightly nervous LOL)----but........ I'm excited. 

So many of you have told me how much the videos help you, thanks so much for that! 

In the mean time, you can watch any of the 89 I've already published!! EIGHTY NINE! 

Thank you for subscribing and hitting "like". It means a lot!! 

I'm self taught at this and sometimes the learning curve feels overwhelming.

This year I really focused on my Instagram, as Facebook has lost its luster for me. I hope you follow me on IG, as I post every day and share my real life and what I'm working on, not all business stuff. 

I just LOVE the sewing community so much. I'm constantly inspired!

I still try to post on Facebook often/daily, but don't always hop on-- as I took the app off my phone. If you need to message me IG or email is best.

I challenged myself to make fabric designs on Spoonflower this year and just got in this knit fabric Ruby and I made together:

And minky with bananas! Of course you can tell I designed it right? Pink. Banana images. Minky.

I made SO MANY quilts, including this one I totally messed up but I don't care AT ALL. <3
It was still a peace filled time in a crazy year!
I made a video using the Janome Skyline to free motion quilt this one here.

The quilt coat storm took off for some reason, and though I've now made three I'm still unsure about them. They are beautiful, but kinda heavy. Kinda stiffish. Kinda needs to grow on me a bit more. This photo had the most likes I've ever received on IG, so ...... lololol

I wrote a blog post HERE about quilt coats.

I've had to teach myself Adobe Illustrator, In Design, Premier, and now After Effects and MAN DOES THAT TAKE TIME! It's the worst for me, as I absolutely hate sitting down at a computer. But, do whatcha gotta do right?! 

Make it weerk like Tim Gunn says.

There is SO MUCH in store for 2021..........

Do you do virtual class? What are the best and worst things about it?

I'm working on a patchwork clothes class (I love wearing them as they aren't heavy like the coats); another quilt pattern; thinking of hosting a sew-along for Hypnotic, and possibly virtual classes. I have 3 bag patterns waiting to be written, and countless videos stacked up waiting for editing attention. It's a lot homeies but I'm upbeat!  (Ref to one of my favorite light hearted films.)

Thanks for being here, I appreciate every comment, email, DM, chat, and friendship made on this journey. 


  1. What a history of your patterns! Lots and lots of great stuff.

  2. Good to know you stock leather straps. I need to get back to bag making. Would love to see more of your quilts!


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