Quilt Coat Trials

quilted coat sewhungryhippieTamarack Coat (pattern here) improv pieced with Kona solid scraps. 

I liked this coat except for the pockets. Welt pockets are not only a pain in the ass to sew, but they are stupid to me. Things can fall INTO them but nothing is protected from falling out of them. 

I sashiko stitched with my Babylock Sashiko machine and binded / bound - whatever - all edges with homemade soft binding (not as stiff as premade).  In the end it was too big and I felt clunky in it, so I gifted this coat to my lovely Mother who is 5"9 and pulls everything off with pizazz.

I wore it for a few minutes in this video for Vinyl Bunting tutorial.


The next Quilt Coat I made was using a quilt I didn't like (yes I made the quilt don't freak out). I loved the fabrics, but the overall design of this quilt was NOT feelin' me. 

I purchased the Dottie Angel Car Coat pattern on a whim and thought it might work. 
IT DID! This was a total success, and I wear this coat often, well, I used to when we had school runs.

All layers are in this coat- meaning the entire quilt: fabric/batting/fabric, so it's heavyish. Instead of binding seams I serged them, a total time saver AND I love the look. It's sorta that weird finished-seams-exposure draw that the (former) Abercrombie crowd appreciates.

I used snaps with my KAM press instead of buttons because honestly buttons piss me off.

I didn't worry about particular placement of quilt design because IDGAF. I wanted a coat, I didn't like my quilt, it was experimental. This is key----GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO F*CK SHIT UP. 
This is how we grow.

I don't remember if I added the ginormous pockets or if they are in the pattern, but I use them and need them. The collar on this pattern is a favorite.

Most recently I made this quilt into robe coat. This was my Summer Sampler Quilt from 2016-- and I LOVED the quilt overall. (I really recommend joining Summer Sampler it is SO fun and keeps you on task with weekly block making.) 

I messed it up with a coffee stain and let it sit in the attic for 4 years so I wouldn't remind myself of the stupidity of drinking coffee over a white quilt.

Anywho, I brought it down to cut it up. Originally I thought I'd make a few bags but then I picked up Vogue Easy Sew pattern V9232 and went for it.  

Though it's pretty, it's MEGA heavy and awkward to get into.

I extended the zipper opening 6", but it wasn't enough. I'd recommend extending at least another foot, maybe the whole way to the floor. I don't enjoy hopping into this like a potato sack. 

I imagine I'll get use out of this on weekend mornings while reading - but it's way too heavy to run around in to be honest. My Mama made a version with a silky lining and no batting and hers is way better.

I appliqued a few tiny piecing blocks to the front from Alison Glass's tiny piecing sewalong because I didn't finish the sewalong, and I'm over it for now. It's super fun though- if you haven't tried it, I recommend. Learning new things keeps us fresh. 

A common theme in my life is OBJECTS are not precious. I refuse to treat quilts like precious untouchables. Cut it up- why not?!

Maybe this is from my life experiences or maybe it's the way I was born. Either way, we all can use some loosening up.

I'm including the non-quilty coats I've made too as I'm often asked about these patterns in direct messages on Instagram. (I love that, keep them coming-I love helping!)

This is the Wiksten Haori made with hand dyed indigo fabrics. 
I took some classes with Jennifer Falkowski and loved the whole process of shibori. It's soothing and wonderful and beautiful, even if you don't listen to the teacher (like me). Love you Jen!

I thought a house coat/jacket would be perfect use of the different swatches. While I love the concept of this coat, again I made it too big MY FAULT! I feel sloppy and weird when wearing it, so often I'll belt it with my 1987 elastic belt. I think I cut a medium - so for future ref size down. 

Great pattern for someone looking for a useful item of clothing that isn't fussy to put together, just size down.

Then...the Sapporro Coat fiasco. What a gorgeous coat pattern, however it was not meant for me. 
SIDE NOTE: I think they have improved the pattern after a scathing review by a well-known Sewist.

This was NOT fun to make. I would NOT recommend this pattern to a non-experienced Sewist. For a professional, it's fine because you all KNOW THINGS. 
For me, it was a freaking hot mess and tedious. HOWEVER I will add it could have been ALL MY fault because when things start to go bad I get mad. AND not all patterns are written for my brain, some writers are better than others for my way of understanding. 

I probably erred on choosing the brocade fabric, but I thought the linen lining would make it be more workable.  Not really.

I blocked this coat from my memory so I don't have much to say.
It's in the attic.
Maybe one day I'll muster the will to fix it. Doesn't matter if I do or don't. . .
I give myself permission to say "f*ck you" project.  Over and out.

I love this sweater coat I made using Simplicity D0522 and a chunky knit found at Joann Fabrics around 2016-17. I lined it with a silky fabric, making it comfy, as often knits from Joann's feel shit on the wrong side.

My MOST USED MAKE in the history of Natalie-making is..........

The fleece jacket in candy pink using pattern Simplicity 8742

I made a small and it's generous fitting, I can wear a chunky sweater underneath and still be comfy. I LOVE THIS THING.

I keep it on a hook in my closet and reach for it all the time.
It washes up easily and was SO fast to make. Because I used fleece it's one layer, seams sewn on my home sewing machine - no need to serge or treat because it doesn't fray.  
It's light weight. 
It's soft.  
Case closed.

So there you have it. I hope you get some use out of this blog post. Let me know if you have anymore questions, I'm on IG @sewhungryhippie.


  1. Adventures in coat making are super fun! Thanks for sharing yours. ;)

  2. I love them all and especially the one you passed on to me!!


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