The Two-Piece Pouch pattern is here!

Named by Laci Hess (part of my tester group, thanks a million Laci) --- it's a zipper pouch with one side quilt block and one side clear vinyl. Directions for making it a vinyl interior wet-bag also included!

This is a collaboration with my friend Ingrid of Joe June and Mae paper piecing pattern fame!

This PDF pattern comes with both Bikini and Swimming Trunks paper piecing patterns + the zipper pouch pattern. 
Ingrid made these samples.

 Pam at @bluebyebye made this sample.

Britta @little.lively.things made this one!

Stefani at @quarteracrearts made this Kaffe version with pink vinyl on the back side. 

 Amie @tansy_designs made a yellow polka dot bikini version! LOL

Joyce @ joyce_and_art made this "solid gold" version. 

Madeleine @madeleinesews made this super cute one and staged it in her pool for our viewing pleasure. (I'll be right over Mad!)

 Maryanna @marvelousautniem made this hot version with the flip flop block from Ingrid's shop!

If you're brand new to sewing vinyl, please read my FREE Sewing Vinyl Guide here and print off the PDF for quick reminders. These tips will make sewing this pouch a ton easier.

If you're in need of fun and colorful vinyl, I have it in my website shop here or my Etsy shop here

Ingrid and I hope you love this pattern as much as we do. Feel free to purchase in either of our shops, and stop by to say hi on Instagram at @sewhungryhippie and @joejuneandmae.

Use #twopiecepouch in your posts so we can share your amazing work!

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