Woodstock Bag pattern release

I'm so happy to bring you the #woodstockbag sewing pattern! This bag is simple in construction and quick to make. It can be worn on the shoulder, cross body, or like a waist bag or fanny pack as I call it. I'm ALL ABOUT hands free shopping now and don't want to rest a bag in a trolley cart. 

There's a full video walk through for you too! HORRAY!

The PDF pattern has pattern pieces to use, no measuring involved other than the small pocket - which you can totally omit. 

The darts allow a lot of room inside - more than you would think.

Isn't this cheetah fabric divine? It's Kasada fabric by @cmanningsews available for shops to order now, and available to the public in the fall.

Key features of the Woodstock Bag:

-Adjustable strap.

-Easily sewn from quilting cotton, vinyl, cork, leather, or cut up jeans! YES a fabulous tester did just that.

-Takes only a fat quarter for the body! 

-Use your choice interfacing- I use foam for cotton bags and nothing for vinyl bags. Some Testers used decovil, various Pellons, fusible fleece, and batting.

-Easy zipper installation (I did NOT use tabs on this bag for a larger opening, but some Testers preferred tabs so they added, and it worked!)

-Add or subtract elements easily to make YOUR perfect bag. Examples are lobster clasps, smaller strap (omit slide), larger pocket, zipper tabs, etc... A pattern is a GUIDE, you do you!

-Step by step photos in color. I can't stand all-type/no pics patterns! If I wanted to burn my eyes out I'd read a dictionary, thanks.

Felicity @felicitygreiner made this beaut in the new Ruby Star Clementine line. I screamed when she sent me her pics. LOL! Don't feel bad, she's a pro.

White Snake vinyl in the shop!  This was my first Woodstock.
Rainbow Zippers from @sewquirky

Here's the upcycled jeans Woodstock made by @buzybette isn't it just SO funky and cool? ON TREND Betty- well done!

Joyce @joyce_and_art made this Woodstock with the prettiest rose print. I love it! I think they call it "ditsy rose" but I don't know why - do you? Anyway, Joyce---this is beautiful and impeccibly done. I cannot believe you haven't sewn in a year! Jaw drop.

When Madeleine @madeleinesews sent me her pic I couldn't help but smile ear to ear. She's a bed of flowers herself, such a great personality and I'm so glad she tests my bag patterns!

These vibrant colors give this Woodstock such life! I LOVE IT Wanda @mopheaded1 !!!  If I see you in the store I will gran this right off you - fair warning. Bahahahha

Amie @tansydesigns made a Woodstock in the same fabric she made my scissors cozie in and I was like HELLO IS THAT FOR ME? Also I wish my legs looked like hers. 

Amanda @a_m_garcia721 pieced her Woodstock with deep blue stardust vinyl and quilting cotton. Adore! The cotton reminds me of Greek mythology and I love this pic on the grass with mini daisies. 

Abbe @abbe_coury Made TWO bags in a day - one soft vinyl in back, and one dragon quilting cotton. YES PLEASE! Me address is... 

Britta @little.lively.things was done in about 10 seconds it seemed like - I love this fabric and the rainbow zipper! GORGEOUS!

I've known Crystal @clothalbatross a long time now and she's a keeper. Everything she makes is golden-superior-ultimate, and I love her personality so when she said she'd test I was all BOOOOOM!
Another from Crystal : I'm loving the straps!
 See what I mean? Golden superior ultimate.

I was so HAPPY to see Stefani @quarteracrearts  made this Woodstock with Lime Stardust and Tula bananas!!!!! Stef, if you don't want it...   Heeheeeheee

I would wear this soft vinyl Woodstock by Amalia @thesewmolly EVERY DANG DAY.

Stacey @twoterriersstudio made this stunningly chic black cork Woodstock. I love those silver flecks! This would go with so many outfits too. Stacey you did it again!!

Emily @sew_simply_co made a pieced Woodstock with gray vinyl and canvas. She made her strap 1.5" instead of 1" to "make it work" with her hardware. I ENCOURAGE THAT! I LOVE IT! 

Like Tim Gunn says "MAKE IT WORK".

Elizabeth is a ray of sunshine with NEXT LEVEL bag skillz. You can find her amazing bags at @cool.lizzie.bags  That peach croc vinyl is sold out but other colors are here.

Pam @bluebyebye is another gem - there are some people who just make it happen every single time. Pam's work is incredible and she's NONSTOP. I'd put those thug glasses on this bag if I was tech smart like that. LOL!
Soft Pink Nebula vinyl in my shop!

Sheila @sheshegray711 made this BRIGHT pOp Woodstock with light blue Stardust vinyl and it makes me SO HAPPY! I can imagine this thing blingin' in the sunshine because that vinyl is iridescent rainbow-y with light. SHEILA! You are my spirit animal!

Erin @sewerinjo made this SUPER HAUTE faux leather Woodstock with vinyl from the shop. I am digging that quilting to the MAX!! This reminds me of a purse I had in the 80s from Jordache. I loved that thing, but I love THIS bag even more!

Thank you also Jackie @jacklynngt for making a bag! I can't find a photo from you, but I know you made a bag. <3 font="">

Amy @pitythespool popped over her Pretty-In-Pink bag a minute ago and I'm all star eyes! She has embroidery-in-the-hoop designs and I think one would be fabulous on the front of a Woodstock!

Julie @julie_white80 made hers with cork, I love the contrast zipper and strap combination!

I made 5 Woodstock Bags and I'll use them or gift them - but this latest one with Anna Maria Hindsight fabric is idyllic for Summer.
This is the bag I made in the video walk-through here. 

Right now this pattern is in PDF format but I will be having my favorite Printer Dan @wisconsinprinting firing up his machines as soon as quarantine is over! If you happen to buy the PDF but would like the booklet when it's available, I'll have a discount code ready.

PDF pattern is here in my web shop 

If YOU make a #woodstockbag I'd LOVE to see! 
Please tag me @sewhungryhippie

Another fun note-
I have an all-see-through glitter vinyl Woodstock Bag too! I made a double speed video showing you how I made that one. Suitable vinyls are in my shop here.

THANKS for your support!

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