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I'm SO excited about this pattern, it's one of my favorites ever because it's unconventional and not like anything I've created before. When I made the (gajillion) prototypes, I kept changing aspects to improve function and asthetics. Once I arrived at this version, I KNEW it was right.
I hope you love it as much as I do and put your unique spin on it!

I'm usually asked why a pattern is named the way it is, so let me just say my kids named this one all on their own.

They had ideas like "pickle bag", "bucket head bag", and "weird donut-hole bag" which I quietly told them were "GREAT IDEAS" but let's keep brainstorming. LOL! 

Then we started watching Making the Cut  (you know, Heidi Klum's new show like Project Runway), and they were completely enamored with Naomi Campbell. 


I may have went off on a tangent about how Naomi ruled the runways in the 90s and every issue of Vogue I ever read had her photographed in there a gajillion times. Ruby proclaimed she is her favorite model and I added "business woman" --feel free to read her CV here. Just sayin! SNAPSSSSSSS

So long story short -- this cute little bag is henceforth 
The Naomi Bag.

She's sassy, she's boss, she's functional while still being cute and pretty, and you can take her anywhere. A relatively quick sew once you get the hang of it --- as you can see --- some Testers made 2, 3, and 4 test bags. I mean HELLO! IF that's not proof, I don't know what is. 

OH----and there's a video walk through for you too. YAY!

Let's talk Tester Bags:
From top left corner: Tara of @uhohcreations (she used my soft vinyl on the bottom of her bag); Abbe of @abbe_coury (she used plum vegan leather here for the top of her bag); Amie of @tansy_designs.

Second row from left: Elizabeth of @cool.lizzie.bags (she used Silver Stardust vinyl now back in stock here); Felicity of @felcitygrenier, Alyssa of @laadw.

Third row from left: Britta of @little.lively.things, Laci of @lacihessartandtattoos, Stefani of @quarteracrearts (gold stardust vinyl here).

From top left corner: Barbara of @bee_dee_swiss_made, Alyssa of @laadw, Crystal of @clothalbatross.

Second row from left: first and second pic by Laci of @lacihessartandtattoos, Madeleine of @madeleinesews (she used CLEAR vinyl for the bottom).

Third row: first and second pic by Sheila of @sheshegray711, Leilani of @studiogypsy (red vegan leather here).


As you can see, there are so many options when sewing this bag pattern. Laci shows below her vinyl bag in purple hologram and a binding top, a half-vinyl half fabric version, a cork and fabric variety with a little tab closure, and a pieced bag.

 LeeLee upped the "UPCYCLE" on her first Naomi bag by making it out of a swim tube! I was so impressed!

 Leilani upcycled clothing on this Naomi bag. I believe that's seer sucker on the bottom.

Sheila did a jeans upcycle!

 Here LeeLee did some amazing embroidery with tapestry wool leftovers, through fusible fleece and felted wool in reverse!  The other side has thrifted fringe and a closure with two buttons stitched into the mouth of the handle so it can hold a lot or a little. 

This Naomi bag with faux leather shows how easily you can customize the bag with favorite fabrics. I just love it Abbe! And check out your stripe matching!!!!!

When I saw tara's NEON LINING I fell over with happiness. Fell. Over.  This is an outstanding showcase of color combinations.

@raeamyk made this beautiful feather Naomi.  Rae used a beloved fabric for her Naomi bag. Gorgeous!

Crystal added a zipper panel for her bag. So awesome!
I might add a tutorial for doing this later on. Right now I need a break bahahaha.

Here's a close up of the bottom in stardust vinyl by Elizabeth. So crisp and well done!

Twist locks work fine too! Alyssa used one for her bag.

Amie color blocked her vinyl like a boss! 

Barbara made hers totally reversible and added a zipper pocket on the side. Fabulous!

Felicity's interior is mesmerizing. That rainbow exterior is beautisimous!

THANKS for your support! I hope you have a blast making the #naomibag ! Don't forget to tag me on social media (@sewhungryhippie) so I can cartwheel and clap for you!

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