Motivation Monday- 15 FREE Summer Quilt Patterns

Days are longer, butterflies are starting to flitter about, and being outside in the sunshine (and pollen) is becoming more prevalent!

Hooray for Summer! Well, almost.

It is always nice to be able to swap out those Winter quilts for a new season or take some along for trips to the cabin (if you have one), the beach, or even for a backyard picnic or camping.

Get your sewing mojo started with these  
15 Fab and Free Summer Quilt Patterns!

The Mod Melons is a FAB pattern by Suzy Quilts

Pineapples make me smile! Perfect on the grill, in fancy drinks, and make a wonderful quilt! Check out The Pineapple Quilt made by Emily Dennis using the free pattern from Jackie Padesky

Plant a seed and watch the sunflowers grow big and strong! Loving this free Sunflower block pdf pattern and tutorial by Sandy Star Designs

(Photo  by Snowy Days Quilting)

The happiest day in my life is when it turns into flip flop weather. Free toes and easy living is the best! This free flip flop pattern on APQS  has all the fun of Summer and is layer cake friendly! 

Sailboats on the water are so amazingly calming! Daydreams of Quilts created a

 Along with boats, comes FISH! The dynamic Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company makes the best fish faces and has a free pattern for her Summer School Quilt!

Summer is not complete without cold treats! Ice Cream , You Scream by Joanna March from Michael Miller Fabrics is a free frozen pattern that even the Good Humor Man would love to enjoy! 

Surf's Up with this delightful free Boards Up pattern by Aunt Henri that is designed for a runner but just keep adding rows for a quilt or less for a pillow 😉

Riding bicycles around the neighborhood or, even better, on vacation, makes exercise seem more like fun! 

Heidi Pridemore created a darling + free applique bicycle pattern for Windham fabrics just waiting for you to take it on a spin! 

No Summer is complete without a road trip to somewhere!
Craft Passion's Road Runner free pattern share how you can make this fun quilt using trapunto! 

Picnic quilts that have room for everyone (or just you and your dog) that all filled with tons of color are a must-have! 

An all-time favorite quilt pattern when you are short on time is the free Giant Vintage Star Quilt by Jeni from In Color Order

The Sparkler Astra Quilt made by Quilting Land for Art Gallery (free pattern here) is just GORGEOUS! Those fireworks in July will be so much fun!

While not a full quilt, this free applique block by Rob Appell is definitely something you can sink your teeth into!

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