Little Boxes sewing tutorial

These little boxes come together without having to sew sides to a bottom. Give em a try and see whatcha think! 

*If you're on the newish side to sewing vinyl, make a bigger box. I'd suggest 15" squares with 4.5" boxed corners. OR you could opt to do a drop-in lining. (To me it's annoying, just sayin'.)

What you need:
Two 10" pieces of fabric
One 10" piece SF101 interfacing for lining
One 10" piece By Annie's SOft & Stable foam interfacing
sewing clips / cutting tools / etc

My tools:
Havel's Sewing for cutting tools and mat.
 Janome for Skyline S7 sewing machine.
Oliso Home for the pink irons. 

These brands are trusted, I use them daily. 
Quality tools make a difference!


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  1. Love this video. The box is so cuter!!!! Will make 100!! baaa haaaa or 5


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)