9 Free Personal Protection pattern links

We are all in disbelief it has come to this, home made PPE requests in the richest country in the world --but here we are. What do Sewists and Makers do? WE DO. We take action. We get it done.

Here's a collection of PPE tutorials and patterns that are free for you to make. This is a roundup so you don't have to waste time searching.

These tutorials are NOT medical grade PPE so PLEASE practice "staying at home" if you can, social distancing if you must go out, and proper PPE if you work in an environment warranting direct contact with others. These masks protect OTHERS from YOU, not vice versa. They DO help as a reminder to stop touching your face, which happens more than you think.

*We fully understand these masks do not filter out all virus, but something is better than nothing. For the best fabric choices please read this article by the New York Times. The news changes daily, so please visit the CDC website and the WHO for the latest information.

THANK YOU to all the NURSES, MEDICS, DOCTORS, NPs, PAs, CLEANING CREWS, and everyone else that help KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!   Thank you to the USPS, UPS, FED EX, the truckers and pilots and ship captains that keep the world running.

We appreciate you beyond words.

On with the roundup.
There is no right or wrong with your choice of PPE, everyone has a different face and need. You may want to try a couple of different patterns to find the best fit for you.

1. Mimi G's fitted face mask tutorial. I've made about 20 of these and really like the fit on the face, and the efficiency of the sew.

2. Jenny Doan's easy face mask tutorial. (She also has a fabric ties version on video.) I made these and they work too, better for claustrophobic people I think as they aren't as tight.

3. Homemade on our homestead has a filter pocket very large mask with no pleats, great for beginners.

4. Craft Passion has a form fitting mask tutorial with a nose wire here. Kim has made these with success. Optional features such as nose wire and child sizes make this an excellent tutorial.

5. My friend Lorrie has an excellent face mask tutorial for a fitted look with fabric ties. She serged her ties with one fold for extra speed (love)!

6. The lovely Sue of Moss & Lotus has a scrub hat pattern available for free. She's a nurse too! These can be worn to keep hair out of the face - less touching! I find them great for house cleaning or painting also. If you sew, you might know someone in healthcare who needs one of these right now. The single-use supply chain is failing.

7. Man Sewing has a video tutorial for making another scrub type hat. The goal is keeping hair out of the face = less touching of face.

8.  Isolation Gown pattern by PeekaBoo Patterns. SOME hospice, senior homes, and rural hospitals have asked for these according to unverified rumors. Check first before making and dropping them off.

9. This free gown pattern from Instructable looks doable in a pinch. Lengthen and perhaps add elastic at cuffs OR wear gloves over the wrist openings.

It's not our intention to make you feel like you HAVE TO make masks, hats, or gowns. If the anxiety is kicking into high gear and thinking about sewing makes it worse, WE GET IT. 

A lot of Makers deal with yucko feelings by getting busy. 

I know I do!
As always, you do you.

In the mean time.... LOL!

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We love you and stay safe!


  1. Thank you for your excellent information as to the links for all projects!! You all stay safe at your house too.We are all in this together and will see the end. Sincerely, Christie T.


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)