20 Star Wars inspired projects

May 4th is just around the corner. 
Get ready Jedi - here's a roundup of 20 Star Wars inspired projects! 

May the 4th be with you.
Get it? 4th = force ... if we had to explain that to you, there's no hope Obi-Wan Kenobi.

1. Ok this one had me LOL-ing! Princess Leia crochet beanie by Hopeful Honey.
I could totally see @gogokim rocking this! 

3. Knit a baby Yoda designed by Kim Konen.

4. Paper Piece this Tie Fighter by Melissa Bejot.

5. Make an R2D2 apron with So Sew Easy's pattern.

6. What is cuter than a Kawaii Baby Yoda I ask you? Nothing.  Free plushi pattern by Teacup Laura.

7. This C-3PO felty is AHmazing! We've had Wild Olive on our roundups before- stop over and see her gloriousness.

8. Super simple Jedi Robes DIY from Live Free Creative Co. How fun it would be to have the whole fam dress up in these and watch a Star Wars movie!

9.  My favorite character is Han Solo, and I'll often quote him when talking to friends that I know won't judge me. LOL
This embroidery pattern by Geeky Stitches is almost free.

10. Need something for the kids to do? Here's a free word search puzzle by Artsy Fartsy Mama you can download.

11. I think I want one of these! Make a Yoda towel with hoodie for your kiddo or grandkiddos with Doing Splendid's tutorial.

12. Here's an easy crochet light saber tutorial by The Sparkly Toad.

13. Here's a crochet Ewok Coffee Cozie tutorial on Ravelry by Sheila Hunt.

14. This simplified Chewbacca softie tutorial by Parrish Platz is CUTER!

15. Knit a Storm Trooper beanie by Lindsay Oncken that COULD pass as a geometric design - maybe. I love it.

16. Isn't this rainbow Storm Trooper the coolest?! This is a pattern from Pitcher's Boutique. It's paper pieced so if you need a refresher for paper piecing I have a short tutorial here.

17. Make a Jabba the Hut CAKE with Coco Cake Land here. Hysterical!!! I think even I could manage this DIY.

18. Make a Porg Cross Stitch with this tutorial from Made by Caitlin.

19. Here's another Porg craft using Perler Beads by Krysanthe. Easy enough for the kids!

20. Make Leia's senatorial dress with P&S Costume Creations. It's a simple gown with a really long drapey hood.  

Hopefully your inner Jedi is fired up and ready for some rebellion! 

The "old" movies were the best! Who dares to argue?!! :D

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