Monday Motivation Quick Sews & Crafts

This week has been a little rough, so here are 12 easy projects you can do to ease the tension. A little bit of sewing, a touch of "crafting", and a smidgen of baking. Though microwaving for 12 seconds isn't reeeeeaaaaallllly baking, but who's looking? 

Such cute pincushions, how can you resist?! :D  

These are so cute! Drawstring bags by Alanda Craft.

Make an easy knot bag like this one by Better Homes & Gardens.

I love these toilet roll Unicorns! They are making me smile so much. 

Make a Peek-a-Boo drawstring bag with this tutorial by Tiny Sidekick for Hey There Home.

Make a super fun and easy pillow case using the burrito method- demonstrated here by The Seasoned Homemaker.  

Egg (sunny side up!) zipper pouch by Damask Love.

I love gift wrapping - packaging is everything to me. LOL! 

I made a few of these turban headbands last summer and loved them! Beth has awesome (easy) clothing patterns too, I wear my Lou box tops and dresses all the time.

 I figure we need some sugar to keep our DIY going, so here's a super cute twist on Smores by Cucake Diaries. They're so pretty!

I love these cheerful party printables by Design Eat Repeat! I can't wait for an excuse to make them. Instead of plastic bags you can use 10 gauge clear vinyl as an option.

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