Vinyl Bin Organizers DIY tutorial

Tutorial from 2015 (was previously published on SewMamaSew)

These are quick and fun to make! You can put anything in here from yarn, to scraps, to toys. Adjust your sizes if you want them bigger or smaller. :D

*If you're new to sewing vinyl, please enjoy a quick read "Guide to Sewing Vinyl" found here. These tips help a lot!


1 roll 20 Gauge Vinyl This gauge is quite firm (available online or in craft shops)

Teflon non-stick sewing foot (or use tissue paper method)

Wonder Clips

Marking pen

1 package extra wide double fold binding

Use a Teflon foot throughout so there is no sticking.

1. Cut two pieces of vinyl 13" square.

2. Place them together and use clips around three edges to hold together. (Pins will make permanent holes.) 

Sew along these three edges with a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave the top open. 

*If you don't have a Teflon Sewing foot, you can use tissue paper-place it on top of the vinyl and sew right over the layers. Rip the tissue away after sewing. 

3. Measure and mark 3" squares in bottom corners; cut on lines. These will be the boxed corners .

Match the side and the bottom seams and press together to form this shape:

4. Use the Wonder clips to hold in place and measure from the tip of the triangle 3" and make a mark. Sew on this line, back stitching at the beginning and end. 

*You MIGHT want to make a little snip in the corner edge to help facilitate this step. 

 Repeat for opposite side, then trim the corners off. 

5. Turn right sides out.
This will feel weird and a little sticky, so PLEASE use a hair dryer to warm the vinyl before turning. 

6. Prepare to enclose the top edge of the container with the binding. Use wonder clips to hold binding in place as you sew. 

Make sure to put the slightly narrower edge facing out (toward you) so that both edges are easily sewn at the same time. 

That's it! Totally finished. Great work.

You can also fold down the top edge of the vinyl and stitch to secure instead of using binding. 

I prefer binding for the color pOp!

There are TONS of vinyl sewing videos on my YouTube channel here. 

Explore and have fun- and thank you for subscribing.


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