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Welcome to the #SwapMob Get Lucky Mini Quilt Swap! 

Natalie and I had so much fun during the Holiday Hangover Pouch Swap; we thought it would be fabulous fun to have another party with you!  We cannot tell you how much we have LOVED all of the fabulous community connections from the #swapmob group! You are AMAZING!!!!
No skimming allowed!  PLEASE read through this entire post carefully. 
For this swap, we are making mini quilts! The size must be larger than mug rugs, approximate sizes are as follows:
Size Guide between 13” and 16” square or another shape  
Meaning not smaller than 13” and not larger than 16”.

This swap will be open internationally (we always love to include everyone)! When filling out the form, please mark if you will be willing to ship internationally (international shipping is more $$$) . We will be trying to keep partners geographically feasible, but that may not always be possible. Be prepared to have a brilliant International partner. Keep in mind that getting something from another country is pretty dang COOL!

This is a direct swap between a pair. All pairs will be assigned by Admins. This is not a random pairing, time is taken to match partners on the responses given.

Spaces will be limited! Get excited to take part and sign up today to lock down your spot (do this only AFTER you have read the details first). Once the spots are filled with happy swappers, the sign-up form will be closed automatically.

PLEASE NOTE ( this FAQ is to help things run smoothly for everyone)! 
We learned so much from the #holidayhangover swap and found a few areas that will make the swap so much more pleasurable. 

-Please submit your form on desktop or laptop. Google Forms and mobile devices are not 100% friendly. If you must use your mobile device, make certain to scroll all the way down until you see the SUBMIT button. 

-COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!! If you cannot keep in communication with your partner, this swap is not for you. An email only takes a few seconds of time and can mean everything to the person who is not feeling connected or to let an admin know that you are not well or have had a family emergency. 

-Ghosting (disappearing without explanation) - you won’t be admitted to future swap(s). If something unforeseen happens, let an admin know. There is no shame in stuff happening but people join swaps for fun, not to feel like they have been forgotten.

-Please reply to your partner when you receive your parcel! It’s courteous to do so, and they will be thinking the worst if you don’t message. 
-Note that sign up forms are for matching purposes only. We take your personal information seriously and send only emails to the matched partners. From there you will be confirming your contact information. This also encourages communication between partners! WIN-WIN!!!!
-If there is an issue that arises, please email Admins as soon as possible. Public calling out is not a good way to make friends and #swapmob is a safe place for EVERYONE to feel comfortable!

With all of the FAQs out of the way...TIME TO GET EXCITED! 
After you have signed up, here is what the schedule will look like: 

Say hello to your partner Feb 12  when you receive your email about your fab match. This is the time to email each other to confirm addresses. 

Get penpal ready - everybody loves REAL MAIL (bills excluded)!

Send a card (via snail mail) to your partner with a big HOWDY and five things about me to get acquainted.  This is an important step so everyone knows both parties are “all in” and no flaking occurs. PLEASE DO THIS ON TIME.

Handmade cards would be spectacular, so get your inner artist on if the mood strikes you!  If not, you can also support some local artists or Hallmark has some pretty cool ones too. 

Mailing date for your card + your 5 things about me is Feb 17.

Now the REAL FUN happens! Sewing for your FAB PARTNER!

Your finished Mini Quilt & various special gifts will mail no later than March 6
What to include for your partner's special unboxing: 
 (Parcels need to be posted by March 6,  2020)

-Sweets/chocolate/candy for your partner to enjoy. Please ensure that these are packaged goods to comply with customs & quarantine laws and that your partner has no allergies! 

-A card (handmade, if possible).

-Your contact details (email, return address) so your partner can thank you when their parcel arrives.

-We are encouraging extras! No $$ limit on the add on gifts. However, do not feel pressure to make it expensive. This is not about price it’s about meaning, intent, and connection. 

-Meaningful gifts ( find out MORE about your partner by asking about their other interests). Do they thrift? Do they enjoy vintage? Do they like stripes? Do they shop at Target? Favorite color? Think outside the “sewing world.” People are multidimensional.

Look for your own talents to create non-sewing gifts:
Hand-painted cards
Cookies from scratch
A small embroidery

Calling all Angels! If you are willing to be that special someone to step in if something goes wrong, please check YES in the Angel box.

This swap is all about community and JOY! We are INCLUSIVE.  

Please sign up with an open heart and rainbow thoughts.  


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