The Stella Light TWO

Stella TWO features:
-Ten levels of brightness -Three light temperatures / moods -50,000 hrs of LED light bulb use -No heat -Portable / long cord to plug in helps a ton! -White or Black sleek finish -Light weight -Bendy neck :D

  • LEDs produce little to no heat, use only a fraction of the power of conventional light sources, and are rated to last 50,000 hours! This means that once a customer has our light in their work space, they can depend on it for years to come, without ever having to change a bulb.

  • Stella’s Box acts like a carrying case! After you have unpacked your light, be sure to keep the box as it makes the perfect travel case.

Get your light at www.stellalighting.com and use the code "sewhungryhippie" for 20% off!

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  1. This is the best light I have ever purchased. Got my first one YEARS ago. Just ordered my second!!


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