Trina and Wendy Backpack Sewing Patterns

The Wendy Backpack is see-through and a relatively fast sew.

I recommend using 10 to 12 gauge vinyl (in my shop here) as these are easy to sew and still strong. If it's your FIRST time, use 10 gauge. 

I talk more about sewing vinyl HERE so I won't repeat myself -- but absolutely DO get a teflon foot. Sewing is so much easier with the right tools!

I love how Tara covered her machine with a baking silicon mat for extra glide. Clever!

Here is the back cover of the pattern for the supply list:

Ruby is wearing the medium size below:


This example backpack is the small size. 

All vinyls / vegan leathers shown in examples are in my shops both here and here

Size small

Size medium.

Full   measuring approx 16.5" w x 18.5" h x 5" d

Medium  15" x 16" x 4"
Small   12" x 13" x 3"

The full size is intended for stadium events, games, weekends away, and camping or hiking. It's huge and useful. It will fit two 60" x 80" quilts easily with some room to spare.

Most people however will probably prefer the Medium and Small sizes for everyday use.

Here's a full size Trina in Pink Crackle Metallic pu leather and silver glitter webbing (both in my shop)

It was a cinch to make using foam interfacing on the exterior pieces and SF101 on the lining, just like the pattern calls for. 

Dawn made am incredible Trina backpack with a Wefty-ized front panel that she then put clear vinyl over to protect it. Jaw dropping!

I had a ton more photos of examples and then my computer went and shut down, losing all my work. Don't you hate that when it happens?  I lost my video edits too -- so that's not happening right now. 
There IS an older video (ignore how the pattern looks) I made for my Testers. It will work until I get the new one up. It's on Vimeo here:  https://vimeo.com/manage/312106162/general.

If I can get things working I'll post my NEW video to YouTube with a private link and update anyone that has purchased the pattern(s). 

Find more tutorials and project walk through vids here:

THANKS to my testers and helpers - I appreciate you so much.

Happy Making!

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