The Essentials Tote has a video walk through

The Essentials Tote is a large capacity tote with big vinyl pockets to hold "essentials". 

I use mine for grocery runs - five or six of these bags allow me to get everything home without any plastic baggage.

They are great for beach runs or library visits too - really anything!

I made a video walk through here as well.

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My sewing pattern is in PDF or printed format.

Shops are carrying it now too so check with your local shop and support them if you are able to!  I love my local shops.

The fabric I used on this bag is by Annabel Wrigley for Windham.

 It's called Penelope the Fabric. :D


I'm listening to the SUPER FUN podcast by Modern Sewciety today featuring Denyse Schmidt and it's making me smile so much my face feels strained. LOL!!! 
That's a GOOD problem to have in my book. 

I listen to Stephanie's podcasts because they are always uplifting. I always learn something about sewing or quilting as well, bonus!

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