DIY EASY SEW Vinyl Place Mat with GLITTER

This fast and easy DIY project is super fun - and uses up those bottles of glitter you've had laying around for eons. Oh yeah, don't deny it! LOLOLOL

I used all different glitters, large specks and small. I think the large are the prettiest, but I say use whatcha' got!

The 4 minute video is on my YouTube channel. 
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 **IF you are NEW to sewing vinyl please read my blog post all about it here. Tools make a difference. You WILL need a teflon foot and wonder clips - any brand is okay.

Clear 10 and 12 gauge vinyls were used for this project and in the video I used orange 10 gauge. 

We stock transparent vinyls in the shop.

Please join my Makers Group HERE on Facebook. Feel free to ask questions and post your makes for feedback. It's a FUN, inclusive, supportive group. 


  1. Wow, my 8 yo granddaughter will just LOVE this. Funny enough, I was cleaning out a bookshelf today and there was a bottle of oink glitter that doesn’t seal very well. Now, I know what to do with it. Thanks so much, always enjoy your tutorials!

  2. saw these in person. How unique and fun they are!!

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