SUPER fast and easy VINYL BUNTING project

Sew a SUPER FAST and SUPER EASY vinyl bunting in minutes. 

Add the pom pom trim if you fancy being "EXTRA"!

Stardust Vinyl found HERE.
Pom Pom trim found here

Template for triangle found HERE
Scroll to page nine for the template ;) 

Heart shape can be found here.

Guess what? Piera is going to offer the acrylic templates in her shop here (coming soon)! 

I'm ordering my sets immediately since I always cut my cardboard ones unintentionally..

Link to video: You Tube.

I LOVE buntings and can't get enough of them. I especially love that I can reuse them for years and years, nothing to add to the landfill! Applique letters on these if you wish. Names, "Happy Birthday", and "welcome home" are some I've done. HAVE FUN!

Want to see more?

Photos of a chalk cloth and vinyl bunting here,  and here is my fave Union Jack bunting, and here is my bunting quilt I made yeeeeeeeears ago.  Oh, and in this old blog post there's a pic of my eighty-foot long bunting strung across the garden.


  1. These are even cuter in person. Will be making some!!

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