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Photo from MisterDomestic's hautehouse

Photo courtesy Mia Santini age 11 / move over Annie Leibovitz

I just love the BOHEMIAN VIBE I'm feelin' with this Aura fabric line by Mister Domestic. This tee I made (with less than 1 yard of fabric BTW) is the Jade pattern by Rae Hoekstra, yes another....

The Knit is called ALOHA SPIRIT in Luau

Here I'm layering my Fisherman's sweater over top - yes a REAL Fisherman's sweater from London. That thing is the real deal WOOL and can feel itchy AF at times but it does keep me warm as a sheep animal. 
For some reason "sheep" feels plural -----  sheepity sheep thy sheepeth-y fur is wooly. Any Grammaphites in the crowd?

Striking a pose since it's been an absolute AGE since Madonna has Vogued. I doubt she'll be hiring me anytime soon.

I did hear through reliable Facebook news sources that Madonna said something about sewing recently - how she had to sew her Graduation dress since Papa Ciccone was strict. 

You remember the tune, Papa did indeed preach.

Image result for papa don't preach


I started out sewing clothes with my sewing machine. Now I mostly do them on my Babylock serger just because it's faster. 

Here's a 2 minute clip of me making the tee:

Pink cutting mat and all cutting tools by

I did cut the knit and re-sew it together so that certain elements were not highlighting body parts. I always say DO what you have to do to make it WERK and feel right. Don't be scared- it's only fabric. Ya dig? 

That being said, I probably over thought it, and later decided when you're IRL and moving about, nobody is looking at you that hard anyway.... and if they are, they're probably of sketchy character. BAHAHAHAHA! AVOID!


After all that I went to have a meditation of sorts with my new Bliss Yoga bag, made in Laki Island Nightfall and Tiki Way Papaya.   

*Anytime I have to spell "papaya" (which isn't often, but still) I have to say papa - ya.  
This weirdly brings me back to Papa Ciccone. His name is Silvio which I find terribly exotic and lovely. No Madonna didn't pay me (sadly) for all this PR work. 

That's a British way to compliment BTW, mixing a negative word with a positive word. I freakin' love it. I'm not actually British but I believe I am. Makes sense right? Say right.

This pattern is a PDF download in my shop, and has two zipper pockets plus a hugenormous zipper main opening. 

Every time I leave a hot yoga class I'm HELLA GLAD to have that zipper main opening. 

Illustration from here.

But don't worry- if you've been spendin' your Vbucks on fabric (hopefully AURA) - I have a couple free yoga bag patterns too here and here's one for a phat mat.

They are more basic, but don't feel basic if you use them because you're fancy and you KNOW IT.

My friend Piera made an acrylic template for the circle bottom HERE. It fits both Ananda and Bliss. I use mine ALL THE TIME because measuring out circles is annoying, and I lose my paper one constantly. 

I keep my templates on the bulletin board in my sewing room so they are within easy reach. *Piera has a ton of templates on her site, they are major time savers!

Look at that MEGA HOT zipper I tell you! WHEW!

No really, it actually IS hot after yoga class. LOL

Has nobody ever told you how difficult it is to photograph a yoga bag? Well consider yourself told.

Hence I give you the yoga-bag-smile-mouth photo:

Top view - there is extra room for you long shanks out there, I see you. I see your extra long mats. Yes I'm jelly.

*Side note- my smart wool socks from Athleta are so freakin' great I bought another 10 pairs and ONLY wear them. I Marie Kondo'd the rest of my sock collection. If you have sweaty feet or move a lot, get wool socks yo. LIFE CHANGING. Was that an overshare? Bahahahaha OH WELL.

I have a full length step-by-step video walk through for this pattern too. It's here.
Stay up to date with my vids HERE on U-tube.

That's my husband's military retirement memorabilia on the wall there. Sometimes I remind him I was a Captain, so he gets back in line. Bahahahahahahaha   Yes I'm kidding.   (Maybe.)     Yeah okay so not really.

Oh SNAP JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT I'd be quiet! I went and made an Essential Oils Travel Case.   These are MEGA ULTRA FAST and easy -------- and use up scraps. 

I had one yard of each fabric for both the yoga bag and this case, and still had a bit left over. 

This pattern is in print or PDF and has been around since 2015. I cannot believe that is already 4 years ago - that's crazy talk.

Then again 20 years ago for me was 1985 or so. Not 1999 almost 2000. What the...

I have a video walk through on Vimeo for you, if you need it -password is in the pattern. It's on lock down since I'm trying to pay for cello lessons, piano lessons, and lots of kid bribery action up in here.  ;)

I love this pattern because it fits anywhere -- in my purse, in my yoga bag, in my bedside drawer, in the bathroom cabinet... 
You get the idea.

Image result for tornado

One last thing.

My hair is in this awful grow-outy / between bleaches stage, and usually looks like I've had a few tumbles in a Texas tornado. 

I almost always have a hair THING in to help hide this fact.  My friend Allison called me "the messy hair girl" before she knew my name. True story. (Holla IMIS nurse crew San Antonio!)  This makes me think of that song by Destiny's Child --- Say my name say my name..... 

You're welcome.

A knit hair band makes it look like you GiveAF and I almost always have one on. 
Selfie alert from Pigeon's view!

I cut a strip 2" x 13"  if I remember correctly and sewed the short ends together. DONESIES!  

These are fast it's almost doable when in a stupor from buying decaf coffee when you meant to buy ultra-caffeinated coffee. Not that I've ever done that or anything......


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While you're at it, the links below have TONS and TONS of photos with this fabric in use. 
Projects, tutorials, inspiration, and good ol' fashioned JOY. 

Visit, comment, share, pin, re-post, talk it up with your posse, do what you do.

and I thank YOU for being here. 




  1. This post was so entertaining and informative. Your energy is contagious. Keep up the good work. Love this!!

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    1. THank you COol Lizzie--- you are a light in my life lady! SO GLAD to "know" you!

  4. You’re a coo cooka choo! That is why I love you... a little bit of mental looks good on ya. Loves.

    1. TOtally am! LOL This is why I need you in my life to regulate. LOL!!! XO LOVE yA

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    1. LOVE YOU SO MUCH Dayna! :D When will I see your face again?!!!!!!

  6. I love your style in every way! The colours in this collection are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your awesome makes with us!


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