Leschi Top sew along day 2

Part two for the Leschi sew-along is here. I hope you enjoy the process and learn something along the way. Please read the introduction post here if you're just getting started, or see Part One here.

Go at your own pace, this is not a race.

Remember it's taken me many MANY garments to get to a place where I can feel really good about wearing my makes. If you're in a stage of "I think I like it ???"---- know that I was there too, for a long time. I think it takes our brains a while to adjust and accept, no matter what the "thing" is that is new, including hand made garments.

I've heard this so many times that I want to address it again: 

It is NOT wrong to make clothes and then have them sit on the shelf, drawer, or closet for a while, or forever. 

It is NOT wrong to make clothes and give them away because you're not "into them".  

It is NOT wrong to make clothes and then cut them up into other projects like quilts or bags. Upcycling is so tres chic.

It is NOT wrong to make things that aren't perfect. 

It is NOT wrong to KEEP TRYING until you find something you truly like and will wear. 

All that practice is part of the journey, there is so much meaning behind it! Please don't sell yourself short and worry about "am I wasting my time /money / fabric/ supplies?" NO YOU ARE NOT. 

You are investing in YOURSELF. Investing in making with your hands, in learning, in processing what works and what may not. 

Mostly though, you're allowing yourself to be a kid again. To make mistakes without the world crashing in - I mean let's be real, nobody will notice a pucker here or there, because everyone is too focused on themselves anyway. Who really cares? Let that fear fall away and get sewing. 

Here is the LINK to the video, if the above embedded one isn't working. 

 If you have questions you can comment or email me anytime. 
I'll get back to you as soon as I see it. :)

Many Thanks to Havel's Sewing for providing the rotary cutter, sewing shears, pinking shears, and awesome pink cutting mat. They have quickly become my favorite tools. Get yours here and use coupon code SewHungry7 for $7 off a $25 order.

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  1. I LOVE what you say here about getting to it and stop worrying about perfection/waste/etc. SO TRUE!!! I started sewing when I was about 10 and gradually improved over the years, but I've made many, many garments that were duds, but I did always learn, and I always enjoyed making them, even if they weren't perfect!! Your encouragement is so spot on and welcome!!

  2. Attitude is everything & you impart great enthusiasm for all of us to keep trying & learning!

  3. Your positivity is contagious! Your posts and videos are all so helpful and encouraging.


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)