Sew a clear bag

Here are some videos to get you making clear bags with success. 

These are MEGA EASY to sew. Seriously.

Get the right tools for the job and YOU can do ANYTHING!

I always advise using a teflon (non-stick) foot when sewing vinyl.

I use a regular size 80 needle.

NEVER press a hot iron onto vinyl, it will melt.

Some people like to put wax paper underneath the vinyl, to slide along the machine bed - but I've never needed to do that. I don't find it's *that* sticky.

I use a hair dryer when turning my vinyl projects right sides out.

The leather straps I carry in the shop are easily sewn. I don't change my needle, foot, or anything when sewing them onto bags. If you choose, you can use rivets or hardware, but it's not necessary. 

Glitter vinyl is available in clear, black. purple, pink, and teal green HERE in my shop.  

Kits are ready to ship in the shop here for version one, two, and three.  Version one pictured above, version two has D rings and lobster swivel hooks (first pic in this post), and Version 3 has binding all around the top edge and is smaller. 

Version 2

Version 3

If you can't view these videos, try my You Tube channel here.

teflon foot

Version 3 is same as Version one except bind the top edge of vinyl.

Video for version 3 coming in the next couple of days. I had to take a break to make Halloween costumes for my kids. :D

You can use 10 or 12 gauge for these bags, but I tend to favor 12 gauge. It stands up a bit more than ten. Both will work however. 

I have a ton of vinyl tutorials on this blog. 
Remember this one from 2015?

If you have questions I'm here to help! 



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