How to sew a new ironing board cover

You know you WANT a pretty ironing board in your FAVE fabric!! It only takes a little bit of time and gumption. It's SO worth it!

All three of my ironing boards are decked out in Jennifer Paganelli fabric because SHE MAKES ME HAPPY with her ART. 

I still remember that fateful day in 2010 I found her fabric in a magazine. I literally yelled out. I then proceeded to buy all the yards I could afford (it wasn't much back then, we were seriously low income at the time) -- but it was ENOUGH. It was enough to make me want to make all the things. 

You know what that (new to me) collection was called? 

It was DESTINY people. Pure destiny.

I'm happy shouting--I hope it conveys over type. LOL!

The sewing pattern PDF download is here. 

Be sure BEFORE you print it out you download it with Acrobat Reader (I always imagine a man doing cartwheels when I read that)..........because if you don't download first, it may print all WACKY and I am not talking a "good wacky".

You probably have one board not three, so check which pages you need to print. 
Pages 3-14 are for a regular-size ironing board and pages 15-26 are for an extra-wide sized board. 

This is the phat board.

My regular and extra-wide boards were purchased at Target so I don't think they're "special" or anything. 
Measurements are given on the PDF download. 

If the measurements don't work for you, simply TRACE your board and add seam allowances. So simple right? Then follow the steps in the video.

                                    This is the normal board.

Here's the less than 5 minutes video:
If it won't play for you here, click this link to watch it on YouTube.

Tag me on IG @sewhungryhippie if you make one! 

A hugenormous thank you to Havel's Sewing for the gorgeous shears, rotary cutter, and PINK cutting mat. Get yours here.

Use coupon code "sewhungry7" for $7 off a $25 purchase.

The rotary cutter is SERIOUSLY fancy. I LOVE IT! 

Thanks for pinning & sharing!

 for being here!

If you are stuck, have a question (or 20), or need some oopmh please contact me. We are stronger together. :D


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