Fast and Easy Vinyl Envelope Sewing Tutorial

When my new vinyl came in I was determined to make some fast projects to test it out. There is something SO satisfying about starting and finishing a project within 45 minutes or less. It makes me feel accomplished and ready for whatever the day brings.

These cute envelope cases could be made in any size. I show a lined version at the end of the video tutorial below. Lining a case is really easy to do, don't let it scare you.  

Simply sew the fabrics RST (right sides together) around the perimeter leaving an opening of 4-5" at the bottom. 
Clip corners. 
Turn RSO (right side out). 
Press opening inwards and sew closed. 

Always press vinyl from the fabric backing or the lining side - NEVER use a hot iron directly on the vinyl itself.

Isn't this vinyl amazing? I made my envelope cases in Croc vinyl, Stardust vinyl, and see-through Iridescent vinyl. The purple shown in the video is 10 gauge vinyl found here. 

The PDF download for the pattern is here.

Be sure to print at 100% or "no scaling". 

Don't be confused by the ### (waistcase). This envelope body is the same as the Waist Case tutorial but without the belt. 
You can find the waist case project here.

I love how the sunlight plays up the colors in the vinyl - so gorgeous and happy!

Here I made a Santorini Tote in Croc silver vinyl. I made a video which will is available to those who've purchased the pattern.  I didn't use any interfacing on the vinyl at all, it just doesn't need it. I used Pellon SF101 on the lining main body pieces only. I also opted to leave off the exterior zipper pockets.

If you're new to sewing vinyl I highly recommend a TEFLON sewing foot (also called non-stick foot). It is ABSOLUTELY worth it's weight in gold. A total game changer for sewing stickier fabrics, including leather. 

My TOP TIPS for sewing vinyl are here.

Did you catch the fast and easy clear vinyl case with pom pom trim last week?   Here's the tutorial.

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