How to sew an envelope style pillow

Sew an easy envelope style pillow in less than 18 minutes start to finish.  Envelope style pillows allow you to take off the cover easily for washing without having to insert a zipper.

If you want a super classy look, try Shibori Indigo Dye techniques on your fabric first. I used the Arashi pattern technique which I learned in a class with Jennifer Falkowski.

I highly recommend her classes and workshops, she has an easy, low-stress style that jives with me. Every summer in July she offers a weekend retreat and it sells out quickly, so sign up early.  :D

You can purchase Indigo dye kits here.

I used a gauze cotton for this project which dyed beautifully. Any NATURAL FIBER fabric will work, including cotton, canvas, gauze, silk, etc...

Make the pillow any size you want to following the general instructions in the video below.

Mine measures 17" wide x 14" tall (approx).

If making the size I did, you'll need one piece for the front measuring 18" x 15" and two pieces for the back measuring 18" x 10".  Have pinking shears handy OR a serger /overlocker.

I upcycled an old pillow from my bed rather than buying expensive inserts. I do this ALL the time.
Regular bed pillows are super cheap at Target or Walmart- cut them in half and you've got two ready to go.

I like larger seam allowances on home goods because they are used to the max. Seam allowance for this project is 1/2" througout.

Full tutorial video here:

I'm slowly learning how to make better videos, thanks for being patient with me! Here's my husband in the zone:

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  1. Beautiful! I love making these but now am more inspired! Your videos and website look great.

  2. The pillow is gorgeous in that print you made. Wow!

    1. Thank you so much! You should take an indigo dye class with Jennifer! You'd love it.


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