Vinyl Needle Case free sewing tutorial

Sewing with vinyl is fun and easy if you have the right tools for the job. See my Vinyl Chat here for tips for working with vinyl. If you have further questions, you can always contact me, I'm happy to help. 

Mia's backpack is made with 12 gauge green vinyl. See more pics here.  I feel the 12g is the best option for making something that will need to be durable and strong, but has a lot of "turning right side out" issues like a bag pattern might. 

I've listed several little projects working with vinyl in various gauges here, here, and here.  

Santorini Tote in vinyl.

Keep Case in Hot pink vinyl.

Wendy's keep case in blue 10 gauge vinyl.

For this needle case I wanted something SUPER fast that anyone can whip up with minimal time invested. A perfect fit for stashing in your purse or carry-on bag (hello EPP people) - as it's thick enough to protect and yet easy enough to sew, = it won't make you crazy. Plus see-through means Security will be nice, as you're not "hiding anything" right?! RIGHT.

Image result for security
Don't even start...

You need a piece of 20 gauge vinyl that's approx 13" x 5".

I have yellow, orange, & blue 20 g vinyl in stock here.

Scrap packs in multiple gauges are available here.

*If you want to make it out of 10 or 12 gauge vinyl that's ok too but it isn't as protective because it's much thinner than 20 gauge.

Just so you know- 10 gauge is 0.2mm thick, 12 gauge is 0.3mm thick, and 20 gauge is 0.5mm thick. It seems a negligible difference, but it actually does feel quite different. 

 I designed this project specifically for 20 gauge vinyl.  ;)

Watch the video demo here:

Download the PDF template pattern here. 

Instructions / if not watching video.

1. Cut vinyl out using template download (link above).

2. Place snaps with snap press or snap setter tool. 

3. Sew sides using a teflon sewing foot, remembering to back stitch start and stop.  

Finish by trimming threads.

If you don't want to add snaps, place a piece of vinyl across the body so the flap can tuck under it. I've put indicator marks on the template where it will go (on the outside).  My strap measures 5" wide and 3/4" tall.

See this photo: 

See the flap tucked under the strap here? This is the option to make if you don't want to do snaps.

So fast, so easy, and so useful for any small items you want to keep protected or organized. Make a bunch to keep on hand as quick little gifts, tuck a gift card inside and there you go!

If you'd like another fast sew, my friend Cyndi of The Nosy Pepper just released her Nickle Wallet pattern. It uses a 7 x 10" piece of vinyl, cork, or canvas and is super duper fast.  


  1. SOOOO CUTE! I just found a 20 gauge clear vinyl remnant at Joann. Just in the nick of time! I love that you're selling scrap packs too. How fun.

  2. Also, I get a ton of compliments on that blue pouch. Love that the kit was cut to the right sizes!

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