The Coffee House Bag sewing pattern NEW!

I'm so excited about this bag pattern -- 
I think it's my favorite EVER...  

includes options of making interchangeable flaps, interchangeable straps, and can be made with vinyl, cork, quilting cotton, canvas, denim, as well as "made" fabric pieced together. Have fun with it and learn to play again.

YES--- you can change out the front flap to suit your mood or your outfit. You can also opt to make the interchangeable straps, I show you how in the pattern.

Inside, you'll find SO MUCH inspiration - from the basic bag (great for newer Sewists) made with quilting cotton, to the more advanced versions with Sashiko stitching and flaps that snap on and off.  

You can use the rivet process on the straps that I show, or simply sew them to the D rings if you don't have the tools. 

Patterns are there for YOU to interpret and make wErk! 

I used cork for my gusset, flap, and strap on this version above. 

I am stocking gold hardware too -- I had these gorg gold tone lobster clasps made to fit the leather straps I'll be stocking in a week or two. 

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This bag is easily made with vinyl too! 

I have lots of vinyl here for you to select from.

Take a look at Trina's gorgeous bag below - silver croc vinyl elevated this bag to BEYOND.

For my bag I opted to make five interchangeable flaps - including two colors of vinyl. Here is the clear vinyl flap below:

Here I'm making the pink vinyl flap:

The pattern is in PDF instant download OR printed booklet in my Etsy shop or in my Web Store here.

FULL VIDEO walk through here.

Yes I'm in my gym outfit. Don't judge. Bahahahahaha!

 Marvelous Auntie M made three flaps for her amazing bag! She's always impressing me with her creativity and skills.

She opted to use snaps rather than rivets on her straps. YES! Do what you need to do to make it werk!

Mopheaded1 made this gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli fabric bag with patchwork-style piecing. I love the happy vibe this bag gives me when I look at it! Big thanks to Wanda's daughter felicitygreiner for amazing photography too.  ;) 

Stacey of Twoterriersstudio sent me her test bag results mega fast! She's lightning quick and makes tons of ultra-cool shizzle she sells at upscale markets. She's opening her own shop on Etsy, so I'd follow her if you love custom bags with sizzle. 
Do you see that awesome selvage on the flap?
 "Leap, and the net will appear"........ SO GOOD. 

If you need any help, I'm always here! Email or convo me anytime.

The interchangeable flaps are OPTIONAL.
FUN but optional.

Here's buzybette's super chic crazy quilted cork Coffee House bag:

I love this patchwork look so much - it makes me feel all cozy inside.  Haha!  The gold-flecked cork adds some bling.

Also, special thanks to Madeleinesews for testing this bag. Her pics aren't done yet - life happened! :D


I get my KAM snaps (size 20) on Etsy from various shops. I bought my DK-98 press on eBay years ago. Make sure the snaps you buy fit the dies you have if using a press. 

And yes--- I highly ultra mega quadruply recommend buying a press verses using a hand tool. Just thinking about the hand tool makes my wrists hurt.

Clear snaps. They are a thing.


I shop here for all my rivet needs. Click and shop! Easy peasy. 


If you're not having luck with bag making it's NOT YOU. 

Get a quality machine, quality fabric, quality thread, & quality tools. Take a deep breath and know YOU CAN DO THIS. 

If you need some virtual cheerleading, I'm happy to oblige. 
I'll even send you a video of my trying to do jump-stars (hopefully not peeing myself).  

PDF instant download pattern HERE.

Please do share / pin / tag me on social media / email your friends / freak out and share on popular Facebook bag making group pages with a link to my pattern. It helps a TON --- which makes me motivated to bring you more tutorials and patterns. 



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