Summer Dress-a-Long Painted Portrait Dress DAY TWO

If you're new here, pop over to the DAY ONE post here and have a read. Yes it's long, but there is a lot of information packed in there you won't want to miss! 

Let's begin sewing. The pattern is cut out, fabric washed & dried, size somewhat sorted (hopefully) with either a mock up muslin OR guestimation that "this" size will fit according to measurement guideline.

READ the important note at the start of the pattern.

1.  *If you're making a pieced yoke, sew the strips together now- just like piecing a quilt, right sides together, then press open.

We are skipping sleeves for the sew along. 

WE ARE making the pockets. If you wish to omit them, you can skip the next few steps.

 *PREPARE POCKETED SIDE PANELS*  ---is the heading in pattern.

Here is my video showing the process- remember RIGHT sides together. My cloud fabric is wrong side facing viewer here.

Step #1 video:

 Step #2 video:

Step #3 video: You'll then attach to the side panels as per instructions.

Finishing up with two completed side panels. Set aside for now. 

*Prepare Front Panel & Back Panel*

Kind of confusing that these instructions are here, but let's carry on. The PANEL is the front part of the main dress, and the back part of the main dress. NOT the pieces on your bust. 

1. Create gathering in your choice of method on top edge of front panel between gather here dots on pattern. (You marked the notches and dots and everything right? If not, pull that pattern out and do it now.)  Repeat to gather back panel.  

To gather I use the cheater method by turning up the tension on my Bernina and the stitch length all the way, then sew normally. It will gather the fabric in most cases.
See my Metamorphic post on gathering here. Set aside.

 *Assemble sleeveless Dress*

We now will sew the bodice front to the back bodice (called YOKE) at the shoulder seams. 

I have to use a seam gauge to mark seam allowances first or else I tend to sew them too small. Shoulder seams must be strong. :)

Repeat for facings (lining pieces).

Place these two sets RST and pin around neckline.

Sew along the dotted line.

Now we arrive at Step 5.

Temporarily pull the inner and outer layers away from each other, wrong side of the facings against the seam allowance and edgestitch the neckline keeping out yokes free. This helps keep it in place while wearing the dress.

Look at the diagrams in the pattern for a bit. 

Step #6 Video

Image result for deep breath meme

Ok -- deep breathe. You did it or are going to do it -- take it one step at a time and know there is no rush. Anytime is the right time. This post will remain here always, or at least until Aliens zap us with an electronic pulse taking out the grid.

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Naw just kidding, they won't do that. They'll come here and be like E.T.   

Image result for aliens

This should feel empowering. It's not a competition and definitely not a rush. Nobody is gettin' a trophy for being done first, because actually I get the trophy. Bahahahahhahahahaha 

Image result for trophy

See you next Friday July 13th ----for more. 
(OMG FREAK OUT it's Friday the 13th!)

Working ahead is totally fine BTW.

Ready for day three? Click HERE.

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  1. what an awesome tutorial!! Love this so much

  2. Great tutes! This is one of my favorite patterns but I'm not crazy about the way the instructions are written. My fabric is being washed and dried as we speak. Can't wait to get started--my 3rd PPD!

  3. you crack me up! thanks for the tutes.

  4. Really helpful!! The revolution of the earth makes us four romantic seasons, bringing us chances to enjoy different duds with the changing reasons, which always bring us unique mood and fulfill our peacockery.


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