Summer Dress along Day Four

Whooo Hooo! Day four- the home stretch.

How empowered and strong do you feel?! You are DOING IT!

This has been so fulfilling for me personally, as everyone has been so helpful and kind to one another. It's so great to have a group of people work together towards a common goal. I truly appreciate every single one of you.

This week we'll finish it up with hemming and add some of YOUR finished dresses!  Yaaaaaasssssss..... channel your inner BeyoncĂ©. 

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I heard this crown was made from zip ties. That is craftiness at its peak Yo.

If you're just starting, NO WORRIES-- head over to the Day One post HERE and start from there. Pop back over to us when you're ready.

Hem the Dress
Step 8 a-d in pattern

Turn your machine to a baste stitch length (longest stitch length) and sew around the entire circumference of the bottom of the outer dress 1/2" from raw edge.  (Pink dashed line in diagram below.)

Fold and press  1/4" toward wrong side of skirt (green line), then again another 1/4" enclosing raw edge. The previous basting stitches will be along the fold- they are your guide. Pin in place and edge stitch to finish the hem. 

Repeat for the underdress exactly the same steps.   You're DONE!

Here are my awesome illustrations for your viewing pleasure:   (LOL)!

There was a suggestion to bind the bottom edge of the inner dress instead of a folded hem, as the underdress will show the hemline inside out when wearing it with patch pockets out. Do what makes you happy! Patterns are there for YOU to interpret. There really is no wrong answer.

I have serged my hems and left them as is. The lazy girl's way- but I like it! :D

Here's a peek at some of what's been happenin' 'round here:

You all are so amazing!

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Comment below for a chance to win random prizes for the rest of June.  Use the hashtag on IG to qualify as well!  #summerdressalong

I'll be posting more finishes as they roll in. 

NEVER EVER feel rushed, hurried, anxious, or like "Oh my shnizzle I have to finish now!!!!!"    

No, you don't. 
You can finish when it's right for you. 
These blog posts and the FB group will remain up indefinitely. 

I just had the State Farm jingle go off in my head, "like a good neighbor, state farm is therrrrreee"....   

 Send help. 

Don't forget- I'll be popping on the Facebook Group daily to answer any questions until June 30th. The group will stay up but my participation will (mostly) end, as I'll be moving on to the next dress. 

If you need extra help or cheer leading tag me (my name) on FB or IG so I'm sure to see it. As another option you can email me anytime. Contact info on about me page- (the bots do weird stuff to my blog if I put it here, and I get loads of calls from India already-- and let's be real- "ain't nobody got time fer that")!

Happy Sewing!

My husband put together all the vids into one here for you -- though you'll still probably need to reference the blog posts for extra help. Cheers!

For quick reference:
Day one is HERE.
Day two is HERE.
Day three is HERE.

 If you're up for more.............

Join us in July for the Painted Portrait Dress sew-along. This dress pattern was designed by the one and only Anna Maria Horner. 

It's a step up in complication, but no fancy zippers or complicated closures. There is a touch more fitting that goes into it, as you can see in the photo below-- but --you can use quilting cotton!

Bring a friend and let's have some more fun. See you July 6th!


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  1. I've really enjoyed this sewalong! You have been so great to work with, thank you for hosting. I never got anxious about my progress, I've only ever done knitalongs and a lot of giveaways were tied to finishing on time and it's always made me anxious, even if I was on track progress-wise, so I really appreciate that there wasn't that pressure in this one. I am hoping to join you for the painted portrait dress as well!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this sew a long. Your videos and blog posts have been so helpful. I’m working on my second dress now! Thanks!

  3. The sew-a-long, the group, your guidance, it has been a wonderful experience. I don’t feel intimidated by sewing anymore! :)

  4. Oh I am so excited! I have never made anything all by myself and am so proud of myself to have made this! Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

  5. Natalie, this sew-along has been the most fun I've ever had sewing. I don't get to go to retreats, or have any sewing friends nearby, so this was quite a treat! Thanks so much, I cannot WAIT for the next one! :D :D :D Amber

  6. I've enjoyed this sew-along very much! I would love to do the painted portrait dress but I don't see an option for downloading a PDF of the pattern and shipping to Canada makes it a bit pricey so I'll have to sit this one out. But I'll be sure to follow all the lovely creations that everyone makes!

  7. Getting ready to hem and had to try it on - only to realize the patch pockets are on the back of the skirt. Ugh. If only I hadn't stitched around each pocket twice... Hello seam ripper.

  8. Thanks for mediating this sew along. So much fun and inspiring. I had gotten away from garment sewing. I am back, baby!

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I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)