Bliss Yoga Bag pattern

Bliss Yoga Bag PDF Sewing pattern

PRINTED booklet pattern here. 

Bliss features:

-Large zippered opening for sweaty phat mat
-Two zippered security pockets to stash away sensitive items
-Adjustable strap instructions with video 
-Three possible versions to sew up depending on time and skill level, including closed vinyl ends for a super modern look.
-Large enough for extra long mats

Maryanna @marvelousauntim and her Tula racoons are killin' it!

 Every single time I have my testers make bags they just blow it all out of the water and make stuff prettier than mine by like 1000%!!!
  (This is what all designers WANT!)

I put a pop can in that bottom pocket to show you it can handle some girth! What a completely gross word.  .   . Send help.

Stacey @twoterriersstudio made this incredibly gorg Tula Pink Free fall Bliss bag. I'm stalking her forevA.  (Stacey.) 
(Well shizzle Tula too!)

Those are swallows right? My friend Wendy @wendyfranczak educated me this past weekend about how all birds are protected in Wisconsin, especially as babies. That's cool.

I know you have Tom Petty stuck in your head now! Freeeeeee fallin'....
You know that song was from his solo debut album called Full Moon Fever in 1989? 
Yes I am full of useless trivia. Never know when you may run into:Image result for alex jeopardy

 Don't look at my food baby! bahahahahah

I used hot pink seat belt strapping - because BECAUSE!

I'll be stocking this in my shop shortly, it's amazingly strong and durable while looking Kravitz Cool.  You know who the Krav is right? (Say yes or we can't be friends.)
Image result for lenny kravitz

Piece scraps together to make it ultra special and eco friendly!

But not special like the Church lady.
I'm full of it tonight, sorry (not sorry)! bahaha

If you're feeling lazy like I do 90% of the time, serge that end on like a B O S S!  Done. 

Extra credit given to those who elect to sew the vinyl version. I reward in virtual hugs, high fives, and bitcoin.   No not really, I don't really understand what bitcoin is. But if I did........ 

It looks kinda like a sleepy caterpillar when it's empty. Looking at you with its mono-eye. Uno-eye? Oh you know.

Re-purpose an old quilt top like Dayna did! SO dang cool I can hardly stand it. Dayna also added the vinyl top to her bag. I completely LOST IT when I saw this genius-ness.

Follow Dayna @daynasjourney on IG

Here's my low budget vid of making an adjustable strap for your viewing pleasure:

I made a little bit better one for Youtube HERE You don't have to look at my head. bahahahaha!

Here is another video of sewing the vinyl end to the bag (optional):

I have many tips and tutorials for sewing vinyl. There is a Facebook (live) video I did also - located here.

I bet you're wanting to make this Bliss yoga bag for SOMEBODY in your life now, if not yourself right? RIIIIIIIIIGHT?!!!  :D 

 Do it do it, peer pressure.  

As more photos roll in I'll add roundups to the blog. If I can't share your makes / photos because you're Tony Soprano's girlfriend and need to stay on the down low, please let me know first. I may forget, but I'll try not to. 


Feel free to share your makes here and join in the sewing chit chat.

Check out Wanda's Bliss bag and find her on IG @mopheaded1



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