How to sew a fitted sheet

If you'd like to learn to make your own fitted sheets then download my Easy PDF pattern for FREE right HERE.

Yes--make those sheets from your favorite fabric

Standard-size quilting cotton will work, however I do love the ease of extra wide back quilting cotton or POPLIN cotton--it's extra smooth and silky feeling. 

Amy Butler has a gorgeous one out, you can get it here.

I even made a dress with it - you can see the "eyes" on the back over on my IG feed if curious. 

This is AMH Simple Start Popover Tank pattern that I lengthened into a dress. I love it!

But we're here to make a fitted sheet, so let me give you the low down.

Oh--- and USE whatcha' got! Don't feel pressure to buy more fabric, especially on the first go. This is a great stash buster for those quilt backings you've had a few years...

Not that I know anything about that.  (LOL)

 The ultimate Tula Pink bed sheet.... 

All you have to do is make sure to MEASURE accurately --both your bed mattress, and then the fabric you are cutting. I talk about it in the pattern in detail.

I walk you through each step. 
There are lots of diagrams & photos to help keep things extra clear.

Supplies you will need depends on the size of the mattress you're covering.

Basically--- lots of fabric, 1 yd 1/4" elastic, safety pins, a sewing machine, (serging is faster but you don't have to do this), and some patience. Grab an iced tea and some cut up apples with Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on there for sustenance. 

See, I care about your eating! LOL

If using standard size quilting cotton (44" wide) you'll need 7 yds for a King mattress, for example. Read the pattern and determine your measurements first, then see if you can manage making it with what you've already got in your stash. Think of it as a "muslin". 

The first time is always the trickiest.
I'm here to help! You can message me or comment below if this is making your brain hurt. 

Wide-back poplin cotton (108") -- I only needed 3.25 yards and I didn't have to trim  except for selvedges! I did rotate it 90 degrees to make this work with no trimming. 

Did you download the pattern yet?

Look it over. Make sure you "get it" before cutting your fabric up--I say this from experience. I MESSED UP my first TWO sheets because I didn't understand the corner part. I got there in the end, but wow sometimes I think it's a wonder I survive on a daily basis. Bahahaha

Screen shot of a part of this PDF pattern:

I can't wait to see your sheets.

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  1. I am so thrilled about finding this tutorial, Natalie!! I'm in a year-long "use up some of that revoltingly giant stash" commitment, so I hope I can do the sheet thing. I don't have wide-backs, so I'm gonna have to wake up with a crease on my face every morning, but it'll be worth it!! hahaa!

    1. I'm with you! USE IT UP! I usually wake up with some drool, so don't feel bad with a crease. LOL!!!! XO

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