New pattern now available in PDF form on Etsy, the GO! Passport pocket wallet. 

This cutie features slots for passport(s), a credit card section, and a zippered pocket for change. Close it with a snap (which I show you how to use a KAM snap press in this video ) --and there are digital illustrations walking you through it in the pattern as well. You could always opt to use velcro , magents, or another form of closure if you prefer.

This is a GREAT scrap busting project. I literally used scraps for mine, and scraps of quilt batting and SF101 for interfacing them. Nothing makes me more happy than USING WHAT I've GOT.

It's BEGINNER friendly but can be used by an advanced Sewist as well. Gifts, traveling, quick sews, palette cleanser sews, you know ?  My patterns are on the easier side because I get annoyed with TOO MANY steps, so I stay away from that in general. 

I even used old thread on my practice pocket wallets. That's denim there too from Art Gallery Fabrics, I had scraps left from making a Ruby Tunic so I used them up!

The most complicated part is making the zipper pocket. BUT this is an optional step. If you're on the new side of sewing, leave this feature off until you have several under your belt. Or don't-- do what you want! LOL

They are so cute and squishy feeling.

A HUGENORMOUS thanks to @katrinascreativejournal on IG for testing this about 5234 times. I appreciate you so much Katrina! 

My GO! pocket wallet fit into my gold Pug bag--which is another pattern I'm working on and hope to finish in early April. I'm adding some details I found I really need, including a recessed zipper top.  Vinyl pockets all the way across. An adjustable strap. 

Do you like a lot of pockets? Sometimes I do, but mostly I forget what's in there, so I don't use them. Which is why I LOVE vinyl pockets. A constant reminder of what I stashed away.

I have several more scrappy Santorini Totes in the works too. I love these so much because they are easy bags to make, so the freedom to get wild with scraps is easy. Once batting is added and quilting lines are present it looks incredible. 

See what I mean? It comes together to look so wild and fun! Totally Boho- my favorite.

This one below is all Kona solid scraps. The leather handles/ strapping I bought on Amazon to try out. I found I had to reinforce my rivets better, with a non-stretchy plastic or leather piece because on my trial run the rivets broke twice (on my bag). But then again, I do abuse my bags.  I put on rivets with a hand tool right now, but I'm looking into buying a KAM press for it.  My snap press doesn't do the rivets, at least I can't find dies to fit it...

I also made a scrappy Essential Oils case. I love this one so much.

In other news, I've finished a few more books including Origin by Dan Brown. SO GOOD. The last conversation towards the end by the dying King is profound. There are parts in books I highlight because I need to remind myself later of the best parts. 

I also watched Expedition Happiness this week while walking on the treadmill. It's worth putting on in the background while sewing. I found my newest favorite Artist through this film.

I have an interview coming up with Tara Wefty Needle. HA! That's not her REAL last name but I pretend it is. Tara Curtis is fun loving and super smart, you won't want to miss it. She'll be teaching at the Modern Stitching Affair in April (here in Madison), put on by Wendy Franczak and Trina Peterson. 

Speaking of Trina, she has a new pattern out called Zipper Squared-- it's too cute. I'm using the large size for my travel iron storage. It's a quick sew in case you want to try it out.

Also this week I received most of my gardening seeds by mail, and the kits to make my upright tall beds. This website was a dream to buy from because they are employee owned, innovative, and answer all emails by a REAL person within 24 hrs. I even asked dumb questions like "can I put my carrots and lettuce together in this bed?" 

Cascading Splendor Begonia

I'm so excited for Spring-- I don't remember this happening last year, but maybe it did. I ordered a ton of Begonias too- waiting on those to arrive as we speak.

They might be my favorite flower, behind Austin Roses, Pink Peonies, and Lily of the Valley. OK OK I think ALL flowers are my favorite. What's yours?

Metamorphic Dress in modal / pattern by Sew Liberated

There is something fun brewing for Summer I'm working on with my newest BFF Stephanie Kendron. I think you'll love it-- so stay tuned and sign up for my email (or hers-it's a good one) so you're in the know.

Her podcasts are so fun-- I feel like I'm having a coffee with a Friend. Plus she interviews people I've never heard of sometimes, and I'm always shocked that in a small industry like this I could miss someone, but it's true. 

Her newsletters always cheer me. They aren't "ALL" sewing either- but touch on Motherhood topics and usually have a recipe tucked in there. MUCH LOVE to this Lady. Her email sign up is here.

OK! The kids have awoken so I'm off the computer for the day. I'd love to hear from you anytime- questions, chatting, whatevs. Happy Sewing Friends! (Or Happy Making if you do something else!)



  1. Those are really beautiful and a nice gift idea. Still need to find the time to try some totes and other items so I can get back into sewing again.


  2. how can I move closer to you?!?!?! I so want to hang out more than just on the phone! lol

    Can't wait for our collaboration


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