Favorite Sewing Patterns

Cleo Skirt from a quilt top / fabric by Carrie Bloomston / sewing pattern by MadebyRae / zipper case is my Easy Stand up Zipper Case pattern available here

Hey Honeys! I am up at weird-o-clock tonight to bring you my list of FAVE Sewing Patterns. I'm asked so often that I figure from now on I will hand over my name card with a link to this post, or one of those crazy Q scanner thingys that nobody has time for! BAHAHA    
Image result for scanner codesI do feel it would make a cool quilt though.

This post will be my top 5 clothing patterns, that I've tested and used a gajillion times. I'm not paid or endorsed or whatever you wanna call it-nobody knows I'm writing this except you and me. 


My Go-To list of 
Sewing Patterns for Clothing

Probably my most used pattern EVER. I wear this constantly... As a  top, cropped, dress, tunic, with or without pockets, just YES. I know what you're thinking-- "It won't look good on me, I have big boobs, or a muffin, or blah blah blah"...Well that's what I thought too- but alas, Rae knows her shiz ok?! Trust in the process. Get the right fabric. I would recommend a flowy Rayon if you're well endowed, or if you're worried that cotton won't drape right on you. (It will.) I have made at least 12 versions that I can think of right in this instant, and each one works.  There are more here and here. I added a pocket download here if you like those. Side pockets can be added as another option. Have a browse through Rae's Flickr group- I stalked that for two days before I bought this pattern. I had to build the confidence ya know?  I have used Washi, Cleo, Ruby, & Isla countless times. You will LOVE Rae's patterns.

MAKE IT in a drape-y light fabric for BEST results. I love my rayon Rubys hard core.

I really love all Meg's patterns, but if I had to pick ONE it would be Stasia. Stasia seems to flatter everyone, as every body type ends up looking great in this dress. Make it short, long, fitted, or looser - just make it. I taught this at Stitch Supply Co last weekend and the JOY on everyone's faces really struck me. It's beyond cool to see people pleased with their own work. 

 I don't know why my blog is being weird with photos tonight. Now I have to hire someone who's smart in computer code and pay them to fix it for me. I tell my daughter all the time (she's smart in computer-y stuff) "pay attention in math and computer science so you can help your Mama one day)... She gives me "the look".  One time I fixed it myself and half my stuff disapeared until I cried and my Husband fixed it for me. Bhahahaa NEVER again.

Here's my mom wearing hers in gorgeous Art Gallery knit:

And Deby in her stunning fuchsia make! It was so fun seeing this dress come alive. Stasia is FAST you guys. No joke.

Louise decided to make a LBD version and it's done so well! She was so inspired she bought a couple more patterns and fabric to begin sewing a wardrobe. 
To the right Leslie is looking cute in her modified version. Love that crosshatch knit! 

Other students made the Linden Sweatshirt, I'll post about that for my jammies roundup really soon. ;)

This is more of a challenge than the previous two, but by no means difficult at all. More time, more steps, and more pieces--but worth it! I love wearing this dress so much- especially the super deep pockets and funky style.  I have a few patterns left here in the shop.

I adore this blouse for it's sophistication without being a difficult sew. It's pretty fast, and very easily customized with three sleeve options plus you can alter the front with a zipper, cut on the fold, or add whatever bells and whistles you desire because of the basic great shape of the pattern. 

5. Leggings for my kids- Jamie Sanders of 

I followed this (FREE) tutorial a few years ago and now I whip leggings out by the dozen, just drafting the leg shape from current leggings but following her method. Easy peasy. SO fast.

I have plans to create more favorite lists-- but in the mean time I'm giving you this face of Nic Cage, in anticipation of seeing what YOU make!  

Bahahaha LOL

I'm too tired to write more. Bye. 


  1. Your makes with these patterns are amazing. So glad you taught me the Stacia dress!

    1. I'm so glad you made it!! You looks stunning in that dress!

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