Make a Scrappy Rope Rug

These top photos are from my IG feed.

There was a lot of chatter about this simple thing, which is awesome. Sometimes happy accidents give the best results. 

Following the flow.

Use cotton clothesline rope found HERE.  

(OR get a rug kit in my shop here.)

Scraps from the scrap bin.

Sew with a wide zig zag stitch.

To get the desired result on the back, fold the fabric around the rope like a hot dog bun on a hot dog, and let the tails stay flat while you keep sewing around and around. The tails eventually become sewn as well, and give more pOp to the rug on this side. 

Watch the quick video here to visualize it.

Download the one page photo instruction sheet HERE.

One skein of rope will make a 37" circle, which is quite small for a rug. This is why my kits come with 2 skeins. Do what makes you happy, smaller "rugs" would make excellent trivets or place mats.

I'm making up some kits for my Etsy Shop in case you are eager to get started.  :)  They will ship next week.

The kits will include 200 ft of cotton rope, scraps, and a printed sheet with instructions and inspiration for various projects including this rug.  I love kits because they allow me to "get going" instead of searching for supplies here and there. 


  1. That is a fun rug and a nice technique. I have seen ones where you wrap the fabric around the rope, great way to use up scraps and stash.


  2. This is a really unusual way to make a rope rug, but I absolutely love your idea!
    Somewhere along the line I need to make one for myself.

  3. Hello
    The rugs are unique.
    I have never seen such a creative and beautiful rug.
    I will definitely try it out myself. Thanks for the idea.
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  4. I'm so going to try this, thank you so much.

  5. Super idea--I'm wondering have you ever tried washing one of these. I'm just thinking that white rope could get dirty. I'd also like to do this idea for placemats, but again, could get dirty. What do you think?

    1. I have washed my smaller mat-- it was fine surprisingly! I used cool water and then laid flat to dry. They don't seem to show dirt like you'd expect, I'm not sure if the scraps disguise it... Give it a try! :D

  6. Love, Love this rug, thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    1. Thanks Gayle! :D So glad you popped over.

  7. Love this! What sort of needle did you use in your machine? Is a denim needle strong enough?

  8. Hi Sandy! I used a denim needle (90/14) one time and a regular Universal needle (80) the other times. Both were fine. :D

  9. The class looked like so much fun. Maybe you can teach it again!

  10. I love my rug! Thanks for good tutorial. this is easy and so darn cute!!


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