Clear vinyl zipper case tutorial variation

I love to organize, especially when my "organizing pieces" are gorgeous, like these colorful vinyl zipper cases.

Remember this tutorial last year?  

I use these in my sewing drawer to organize buttons, poms, ribbon, and more.

Let's make a variation, with boxed corners so it stands up on its own, plus let's have it  a little bigger for more shizzle.

Quilting acrylic templates
Scraps organizer 
Zipper herder 

Shoot you could use them anywhere-- I have one to store fruit roll ups in my pantry. (Don't judge me, those things are my FAVE!)

You'll still need a non stick foot or use tape on the bottom of your normal sewing foot, so the vinyl slides while you sew, rather than sticking to the plate. 

New measurements for these bags:

Vinyl body pieces 16" W x 13" H
Fabric accents 16" W x 6" H
Interfacing 16" x 3"
Zipper tabs 2" x 3"

 CUT zipper 1" shorter in width than your bag 
**for this tutorial cut it to 15" long**

Make 2.5" boxed corners
Sew with a 1/2" seam allowance

Seam allowance 1/4"

Follow the steps exactly as they are in my first tutorial here, then add boxed corners at the very end, like this:

If you want to sew some more Vinyl bags, I have patterns and tutorials available for you, just click here or here to have a look. :)

(super easy for the ultra beginner or quilting person-due to binding)

I add vinyl to eeeeeeeeverthang!!! 

The Essentials TOTE pattern IS available in print! YAY! 

It's ready also a PDF in my Etsy shop, if you need instant gratification.  This large bag makes a great get-away bag (wink!)...

Clear vinyl available in my shop here.


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  2. Thanks for this resource! I have so many sewing projects that I’d like to do for myself, just not enough time, but I’d love to make one of these sometime!


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