Geranium Expansion pack blog hop

I love sewing for my kids, especially when they actually wear what I make.

The Geranium Dress is one of those patterns that works for growing kids. 

Kids that need pockets for rocks, or don't like collars of any sort, or ones that want a different fabric for every piece of the pattern (including mismatched pockets)...     It goes on. 

I had to bribe her with an ice cream lollie to get these photos. Don't judge. LMAO

Now the Expansion pack is available and I AM SO thrilled! Long sleeves, sashing, bow tie, collars, on and on. I could probably make 50 dresses from this pattern + expansion pack and my kiddo would never know.  

A beginner sewing person can make this dress. Go slowly, ask questions if you have them, and be kind to yourself. Rae walks you through with road maps in her patterns. 

I'm a firm believer in this: If you think you can, you CAN.

This version has a lined bodice (orange and white trellis that is silky smooth by Carolyn Freidlander), a knit stripe skirt, sashing, gathered long sleeves, snap closure in back, and no collar per request. It is totally 7 year old approved.

It's Pug approved!

Alice in Wonderland fabric by Rifle Paper Co / for Cotton and Steel. In PINK.

The first Geranium I made:  (Cotton and Steel lawn). 

Get the basic pattern HERE.
Get the expansion pack HERE.

Yes, you'll want both. Trust me. 


  1. That is a terrific post about the Geranium dress. I want one. Your model is amazing too....or two models I should say.

  2. Love the dresses and a fun pattern, wish I had a little girl to sew for.
    Your daughter makes a wonderful model, she is a beautiful young lady.


    1. Awe thank you Debbie. :D It is fun to make her dresses, justifies buying more fabric! LOL

  3. I love this dress on her. She is a terrific model too!


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