Quilt Con 2017 reflections

Before we talk Quilt Con, I'm sharing pics of this quilt I made for my Mom. 

It's a mash up of the Snapshots QAL and the Crossroads QAL

I took all the blocks that have meaning for my Mom (and things I remember from childhood) and worked them into this quilt. I added Lori Holt's hand mixer in the upper left corner too, because my Mom always let me sneak cookie dough during baking time. 

One of my favorite Jennifer Paganelli prints is on the back- I wanted to be selfish and keep it, but it was perfect for this quilt. So there it is. Pink!

It was my first time at QC and and I will definitely be back! It's beyond what words allow me to convey. I was totally overwhelmed the first day, I really couldn't believe it. The main floor is huge with all these quilts displayed that are just-- beyond.  Go.  You'll be inspired in some way, even if you're not a "quilter" it's still relevant to you.  



John Cusack had no idea what he started.
Her quilt will be touring as "Best of Quilt Con" this year. 
Refer to Lysa's blog for more information (linked above).

Best in Show:


Pieced and quilted by Katherine Jones
Chigwell, Tasmania, Australia
Tasmanian Modern Quilt Guild

A HUGE quilt that was so stunning in person. 
I could hardly look away.

Pieced by Brittany Bowen Burton

Quilted by Natalia Bonner
Millcreek, UT, United States
Individual MQG Member

Current Wave by Sylvia Sutters of Washington D.C.

Pieced and quilted by Jeannie Jenkins
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Modern Quilt Guild

Small Quilts: 1st Place

Pieced and quilted by Katie Larson
Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild

Moonie McMoonface by Melissa Averinos

Go North
Pieced and quilted by Maritza Soto
Cambridge, MA, United States
Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild
69 x 70 inches
Modern Traditionalism

I regret I lost the information for these two quilts above and below----- please comment if you know the artists.  I love these designs!

I took a lot more photos but the crediting information didn't come through clearly, so I'll stop here.

To see more of the quilts, click here.

Savannah is a gorgeous city. It's on my list to revisit with my family in tow. I took some historical tours of downtown and the famous cemetery where the statue from "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" once stood- "birdgirl". Now it's in a museum, but still, really worth it to go out there. 

Image result

I had chocolate chip coffee ice cream that was "orgasmic" - as my friend Treelotta said,  at Leopold's. Totally worth a $5 cone.

We also took a haunted house tour that was amusing if not actually scary.  It was the famous Sorrel Weed House. 

Image result for sorrel weed house

The shopping district is fab, with the cutest fabric shop ever called Fabrika. I bought a Kitty Cat clock there, that's normal right?

Here is a link with 75 things to do in Savannah.

As always, I learned a lot from listening to the tour drivers. It has sparked so many more questions, and has made me curious about the history behind Savannah. So much to learn! One of the cottages we drove by was dated on the outside as 1733. There are burial grounds upon burial grounds in the city. They say this is why it's so haunted.  

Anyway, I had a great time and wish everyone could go. 

Next year it's in Pasadena, California. 

I'll save my pennies till then. You should come with me!

Image result for travel

I'll leave you with this project from Hello Creative Family:

How sweet our these little DIY Sock Sloths? This would be the cutest handmade gift idea for a child or baby. Their hands have snaps so they can hang! Cut up a pair of socks and make one! DIY Sock Sloth Sewing Project on Hello Creative Family.

Happy Making Friends.


  1. Thanks for sharing! One day I will get to QuiltCon...in the meantime, I will watch through the eyes of people like you! Love Savannah too. My sister lives there...well, in a close by little town! Happy sewing! In stitches, Valorie

  2. Beautiful pictures.The quilts are amazing. Savannah is gorgeous. Glad you had a great time.


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