Hand made Wardrobe Update with pattern links

 Hi friends! I can't believe February is almost over, which means I'm about to turn another year older... But I'm UPBEAT! I mean, with each year I learn more tips with sewing and quilting and feel generally more badass because I don't care about the bullllllllllsh*t I once did. Ya dig?   OK let's chat sewing.

This plaid number is the Inari Tee Dress pattern, by Named Clothing. I adore their patterns so much. I think this will be fun to wear in the summer as a "throw-it-on-and-go" type outfit. 

The fabric is the Loominous line by Anna Marie Horner, in my favorite color- a pinky/purple hue that should just be named "perfection".

I had this on with my Birkenstocks (fave shoes on the planet)--but my toenails were not lacquered, so I was told by the 7 year old to cover them up.   LOL   As you can see, I'm teaching her well.  bahaha

This extra long scarf was a whimsical make one night, as I looked at my ONE yard of this Anna Marie Horner print and cried.  I mean seriously- almost cried--w h y did I only purchase one yard people? It should be illegal. 
 I made "do" (or is it due?) by whipping up this scarf.
In the office we are either blistering hot or tending to icicles in our nostrils, so a scarf is a must have. I'll be wearing it often. 

This is a print in the Loominous Collection again. I bought mine from Stitch Supply Company in Altoona, Wisconsin.

I bought the top left plaid and green top right too. Couldn't resist.

I know what you're thinking-- "another Washi?!"  YES!!!  It's my go-to dress pattern for woven fabrics. I adore Washi so much I'd marry it three times over and then again. Is that a saying? Because I feel like it should be. Washi and I are besties forever. You can see more of my Washi makes here and here.

This Cotton and Steel print by Miss Melody Miller is for Spring 2017 and I love it.  The tiny gold dots are so cuter, and the orange makes me feel like I dipped into a tangerine souffle.  

(Have you tried Martha's recipe for this btw? DIVINE.) 

 Don't look at my white legs. I don't do tanning, hence why usually I have tights on. :)

The smocking on the back is my favorite part, it cinches everything in so I don't look like I'm wearing a potato sack. The pockets are essential, and I leave off the U shaped neckline and do a simple scoop neck because I'm lazy. 

I wear my silky slip under all my woven dresses because it makes me feel adult-ish.
It also prevents the fabric from sticking to tights and riding up. I have made slips with Gertie's sew along tutorial, but my absolute fave is this one on Amazon because I look almost like Greta Garbo due to it's gorgeous bust line and stretchy comfort. For only $20 it's a no brainer. Buy cream and black. (Click on photo.)

Here is another Inari I whipped out for Valentine's Day:
I think this is super wearable as both jammies and a summer t-shirt dress.   Say Yes. I scored this fabric at Joann Fabrics last year sometime and I wish now I'd bought the entire bolt. 

A brocade Inari was what the doctor ordered when I was feeling really schlumpy and gross, because it's fancy but so easy to sew. I put on my faux glasses for added flair and carried my stripe-y mug around all day for effect. One has to have props on hand you know.
I wish my CuddleDud top would have been a turtle neck, because that would've looked extra "New York".

 My new Cinema dress is a little large- I'll go down a size next time but I still love it. Maybe I can take in the bodice without ruining the whole thing... Hmmm....  But anywho, those pink giraffes are LIFE ITSELF.   Seriously.
Liesl's patterns area always so clever and clear to me. I learn something every time. Fabric is a Michael Miller print called Migration.

Another Cleo skirt in Moda, not sure of the print because I picked it up on the free table at Quilt Guild. It's awesomely 70's ish to me--that was a great decade. Banana bikes and Led Zep. That's all.

I made another Cleo a few days ago in this print- and I can't wait to wear it at Quilt Con this week. It's going to be an ice breaker I hope. 

Did you catch my love for Megan Nielsen's patterns yet? GAH. Love her pattern instructions and this Dove Blouse is my second go. You can see the first top I made here in the lower left corner. 

I went down a size on this and I feel the fit is great. The version one sleeves are super wearable, though I adore the drama of version three. I'll make one out of satin really soon. Maybe blood red satin for extra drama... Too much? GOOD.

I made this blouse with quilting cotton by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I basically stalk her because her first name (yes, images of The Young Victoria dance through my head along with that dreamy Rupert Friend,) and also because she basically owns the double wedding ring quilt style I drool over. Have you seen it?  My eyes pop every time.

In case you missed it, I talked about Rae's Sidewalk fabric in this post. I made buggy jammies for my Ruby, which as you can see below she is kinda happy about.  Now my 9 year old wants some.

This is dress is my second Dress Y out of the Japanese Stylish Dress book. 

You can see my other one on Instagram here

I really like this style, it's a baby doll dress but doesn't look silly. I added pockets using the Washi pocket piece, just sewed them right into the side seams. I show this in an old post here, sorry it was a long time ago. You can Google "how to add pockets" too. It's everywhere.

This Margo Skirt is a pattern with Seamwork Magazine. It is so comfortable and such a fast sew. I see myself making one in every color of the rainbow.  I really dig those side vents. 

Seamwork is a modern Sewing magazine for making clothing you want to wear, for all sizes, and for all sewing levels. I adore it.


I can't remember if I shared my Simplicity 2444 dress, but here is the back. I adore this dress, but it does sew up about two sizes too small. Thank gawd I used a stretch fabric, because it fits like a glove. If it had been a non-stretch I wouldn't be able to breathe.

Most importantly, here are some Glitter Pouches out in the wild made by you lovely makers! 

My tutorial can be found here on Sew Mama Sew. 

I love seeing what you all make, tag me anytime!

Gorgeous diamonds by Reece of Happy Okapi!

Hearts galore in the rainbow by Amy of The Turquoise Button! 

You all are amazing and I heart you so much! 
Thanks for being here.

Women supporting Women is my FAVE.


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  1. Those are all wonderful outfits and you make a wonderful model.


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  3. High five to your BAD ASS self! I didn't know your birthday is in February?! You astound me at how prolific you are (and I adore your doggie Tori-is spelt with a y?) bopping in and out of all your photos.


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