How to sew a Coffee Press Cozie

Keep your coffee hot with this easy to sew French Press Cozie.

This pattern is for a standard size coffee press measuring 12 inches around or approx 30.5cm. 

You can enlarge it if need be. 

Supplies needed:  
Fusible fleece or quilt batting, 2 fat quarters of quilting weight fabric for exterior and lining, Velcro, (or snaps) and the pattern piece which you'll download here.

1. Fuse the fleece to wrong side of each fabric piece. If using quilt batting, a baste stitch along the perimeter is helpful to keep it in place.

2. Place exterior and lining right sides together and pin. 
Mark a 4" opening along the bottom for turning out later. 
Sew all the way around the cozie, leaving that marked section at the bottom open.

3. Clip corners and turn right sides out. Press well.

4. Top stitch along all edges, closing the opening as you top stitch.

5. Add Velcro or Snaps for closure. 

Be sure to sew Velcro on opposite sides (test it before you sew it down, not that I know about this or anything...)  :D

Or make a snap closure like I do- with the KAM press it's super easy. Here is a quick tutorial with video you can have a look at. 

I hope you enjoy making these- they make fab gifts and don't take much time to whip up. 

Here are some useful websites if you're interested in making coffee the French Press way. It's my favorite because it takes a couple minutes vs waiting for a percolator, and uses less coffee grounds as well, so it's cheaper.  Try it ;) 

This website is for the absolute FP virgin with step by step detailed instructions. 

This webpage is pretty with a step by step tutorial.

This video by Illy Coffee will have you feeling uber sophisticated, as she teaches you in Italian (with English instructions below, LOL).  I mean, everything sounds better in Italian....amiriiiight?!

Ready for a cup of Joe? Me too.

Tag me on IG if you make one- I'd love to see! 



  1. There are a few brands of Thermal Coffee Press that are available today. These particular sorts of lovely Coffee presses are intended to keep your Coffee hotter for longer timeframes than the typical french Coffee press.

  2. This French Press COZIE looks beautiful. It's also practical since it will ceep your coffee hot longer. Great job.


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