Ananda Yoga Bag Sewing pattern tutorial and PDF

Here is an easy-to-sew Yoga Bag pattern called "Ananda" which means Bliss in Sanskrit. 

It has step by step instructions and photos, all in a PDF file for you to download. Just in time for a fresh New Year! I've streamlined this to be quick and simple. 

Feel free to dress it up with custom bling.  ;D

This bag is designed for ease - mat slides in easily and there is no fussing with a closure. It has a pocket deep enough for cell phones, and a comfortable strap that slings across the back or shoulder (or hand carry).   

An adjustable strap would be a nice touch if you so choose, but this one-size-fits-most has been road tested on quite a few different body types, plus it's simple to make.

My SIL models these bags for me:

This pattern is for the standard size yoga mat which measures approximately  68" x 24" at 1/4" thickness. 

These would make great gifts for any Yogi including yourself!

Want it even faster?  
*Leave off the quilting part. 
*Use webbing for the strap.
*Omit the pocket.
*Make it with one whole piece rather than a contrast bottom.

Digitally drawn instructions as well as photos guide you along the process. My goal is to help you see how awesome you are as you sew up this one of a kind bag. If you run into any trouble just text /email / IM / or send smoke signals ----and I will give you support. 
You won't need it though. ;)

Yes you can sell your bags Homies. I want you to make tons of money so you will invite me to take a ride in your G6 --- as we schmooze with Martha and Snoop of course.

Why "ananda"? The backstory: When I came home from a tour in Iraq (2003-2004) things had changed big time for me. I no longer wore rose tinted glasses. The world was so much smaller to me. Things seemed tighter, closer, more intense. A slammed door sent me crashing to the floor more than once. Embarrassed and raw, I was searching for something to help me make sense of the chaos. 

Enter yoga, meditation, and the study of Sanskrit. I bought numerous books on Sanskrit and ancient India and immersed myself in the teachings of early humanity including Buddhism and Taoism. I had Sanskrit tattoos imprinted on me as a reminder that the only moment we should worry about is right now. It is SO easy to forget.

This moment is all that matters. There might not be another one.

Sanskrit words can be spoken as a chant, like a meditation or mantra. Some favorites of mine are: 
Niyama (observance) 
Om (the sound of the Universe)
Bhakti (love and devotion)

My favorite thing is to play this DVD Kundalini Yoga and do the 9 min chant at the end. My kids even sing it with me.

Back to sewing.

My plan is to bring a wellness sewing pattern every month to you, in hopes you will take some time for yourself and sew, draw, or make whatever brings you joy. 

Ananda means bliss.
 "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Cambell said. 

Thank you to my testers! If you want to be in my testing group, message me or comment below. Ideally I'd like a photo so I can share your awesomeness, but if that's too hard don't worry about it. 

If you happen to have a Fat Mat (those thicker ones you can buy now,) here is a supplement PDF to make this size of bag. My friend Leslie models this large bag size below:

Another wellness pattern I offer: 
The Essential Oils case travel bag.
Essential Oils case pattern available here.

Thanks for being here friends. I hope you have fun making one or fifty-- and tag me so I can send you virtual hugs!




  1. I'm glad I have a good case on my phone bc I drool all over it every time I read one of your blog posts!

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  3. Hello, thank you for the lovely pattern! I do have a question: It says to cut 3/4 yd (27") of lining fabric, but isn't that the exact length of the lining piece, without the 1/2" seam allowance? I'm worried I won't have enough fabric once I put it all together. Also, the outer bag pieces total 28" with seam allowances.

    Thanks, Heather

    1. The lining sits down inside about an inch. It's been tested a lot- it works. ;) If you prefer you can make them the same size though. Happy Sewing!

  4. i love this project! i think I'm gonna have to make it this week!!! thanks for the free download.

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  7. I just made this bag with the Grunge charm squares and I love it. It sewed up beautifully and my yoga mat fits like a glove. It was a perfect project for New Year's! Thank you for the tutorial.

    1. I'm so glad to hear this Sarah! Thanks for visiting! :D

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  9. Great pattern! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I just found your pattern. Our granddaughter’s name is Ananda. I have no choice...must sew this.

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  14. This explains why people who are into yoga can bend their body in an amazing way, makes you think whether they still have bones or not basic yoga terms..

  15. So beautiful bags. I wanna get one of them. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Looks very nice and convenient bag! Infact I love the size of this bag.

  17. The blues one which floral partern is so nice.

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  20. Thanh you so much for sharing the pattern. Every step is easy to follow.
    Moc khoa o to, Tau thuoc

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