Hippie roundup of Cleo Skirt

I know you'll understand my excitement and weirdness once you purchase the Cleo Skirt pattern by Rae Hoekstra. Everybody wants fast, easy, and fun these days... well, you get it with Cleo. 

Rae will launch it early 2017, so get on her email list because a lot of times she has special offer codes available when a new pattern comes out. 

The above photos are my muslin (the first go at a sewing pattern). It's made with Moda quilting cotton and a linen hem. It turned out better than I thought so I'll be wearing it. At first I thought I'd look Golden Girls in that large flower print, but you know- I loved Blanche (Rue McClanahan) so whatever.

I turned a quilt top I made (out of fabric by Carrie Bloomston) into this Cleo:
I think this one might be my fave. Everything Carrie designs is gold. Her new fabric line Dreamer comes out in March, it's truly stunning--like it caught my breath stunning.  Usually reactions like that are saved for Kevin Costner sightings or flash $3 fabric sales.

I've posted my reviews before of all my Rae makes, if you'd like a refresher you can read this post or have a look at my recent Rae makes on IG.  I'm a self taught sewing person- sewist? I don't know all the "right" ways or tricks of the trade, but I do now how to get sh*t done. I do know how to make something I will use year after year. You don't need to be an expert sewer to wear clothes you make. Just go for it!  You don't have to buy fancy equipment either, I didn't have a serger / overlocker for years because it wasn't in my budget. Pink those edges darlings! It's all GOOD. 

Just my two cents, I'll stop popping off now. 

This version was made with a stretch taffeta I sourced at Joann Fabrics. It's poofier than cotton, so the waist is a little baggy in back, but you know what this means? I can eat until I burst without any impingement on my waist.  This is #winning at life you guys.

 I think I'm smelling my turtle neck sleeve here, which is doubly weird.

If sewing with taffeta, I highly recommend a microtex needle so your fabric doesn't tear. Other than that, I made sure my tension was set a smidge lighter than normal, and I was golden. Press using a press cloth or a light heat setting too.

Okay, so go fire up your sewing machine and get wild.  I cannot wait to see how you interpret Cleo!

This dress is blogged here.



  1. I love those skirts and your fabrics are fabuloso!!!! Can I make some for my granddaughters???

    1. You should make this! There are 2 versions, A & B and different length options. I know you'll love it!

  2. On second thought, why not one for me!!?

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  4. That is a fun skirt and even more so with your quilt version.


  5. I recently bought some quilt tops and am not a quilter but I am making clothing for myself. What suggestions do you have for making old quilt tops stable enough for clothing? Thanks.

  6. You look great in skirt or skirt looks great on you ... Damn I am just confused

  7. Such a creative act... Loved all these patterns...


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