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If you ever feel guilt about "works in progress" -- don't.  My teapot block has been waiting on her comrades for almost a year now. Sometimes I feel her looking at me from the Wall of Wonder, but I just do that "W" on my forehead and carry on with starting yet another project.

'Cause sometimes, --- sometimes a person is just not in the mood for it.  Ya know? Even if that mood lasts 10 months, so be it.

I'll have more coffee anytime.

(Tutorial for standard French Press cozy AND fridge handle cozies coming this week  soon.)
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I always think "this year, October will be smoother"... 

It never happens. Birthdays, Fall Festivals, Pumpkin Patches, bike rides, Halloween with the costume craziness, work gearing up, school shenanigans, ...

It's endless. But--not.

And then October is over. 

I created a ton in October (in the wee hours when everyone is asleep). I will gladly forgo sleep if it means I have time to be alone with my sewing machine. I like to tune in for TED talks or pod casts, or even Netflix will do, as long as I can understand the story by listening only.  

Just keep making.

I'm learning to slow down.

But it is a struggle.

Like Brene Brown says in her emotive book The Power of Vulnerability, creativity is born from being authentic. Showing up in the face of uncertainty.  That sounds like exactly what I go through when designing a new quilt, or making a new bag, or heck-- even when making something I've done before, but it's been a while. 

From the back cover of her book:
Is vulnerability the same as weakness? “In our culture,” teaches Dr. BrenĂ© Brown, “we associate vulnerability with emotions we want to avoid such as fear, shame, and uncertainty. Yet we too often lose sight of the fact that vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity, and love.” 

Anyways, I just wanted to put that out there. In case anyone feels the same...

I did end up sewing Mia her costume this year after all. This was not the final pic, but at least you can see the dress. Pattern by Kwik Sew 3903 and we embellished it with tulle, gem stones, and Raven's wings.

I have another pattern available in my shop. It features loads of pockets tucked inside between layers of batting and/or foam interfacing, and a zippered security pocket on the back that would fit a phone. You can find the PDF download here   ;)

Some items on my list this week:

1. Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's  Before the Flood--- I'm hearing amazing things about it.
Global warming is an urgent issue, there is really no argument to deny SCIENCE.

2. I really really want to learn to crochet my own finger-less mittens. My phalanges are freaking cold in the winter, and it makes me b*tchy when I can't type properly or embroider my Buddha heads.  I see Cal Patch has a ton of beginner crochet vids on Creativebug.   

My BFFL Salena has super popular crochet patterns and eBooks I want to get in on too. 


3. If possible, I'm going to get up an hour earlier this week every morning and journal. I don't know if it will help me get out of this perceived creative funk I feel- but I'm hoping so. I read this article and it rings so true for me.

4. I need to get back to reading at night. Lately I read about 2 sentences and I'm o u t. Like book in my face out. Really weird behavior for me. LOL
Have any mind blowing books you've read lately?


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