1. Bonnie Bag: A simple and sophisticated shape by Swoon Patterns on sale one more day- go get this baby if you sew. I've made three bags this weekend alone... I'm telling you, it's a keeper.

2. Andromeda dress by Sew Straight and Gather.  Only $5 for one more day. This can be made as a top as well, with or without shirring. I think it took me less than an hour. Seriously.

3. Isla peplum top - sewing pattern by Rae Hokestra of course--  in techno knit that makes me look futuristic and spacey. Not the Kevin kind.

4. Stretch leggings in another future-y spandex blend that makes you look like you're painted with rubber or something. Whatever- it's HOT. My own traced pattern.

5. Grainline Studio's Hemlock tee in stretch velvet. Enough said right? Free pattern if you get her newsletter, as if you needed another reason?

6. Christmas Peasant dress in plaid wool blend, because I like pretending I'm of Royal descent, so I force my kids to wear this at Holiday time. You get it, right?  Lots of free peasant dress and top tutorials out there if you want to make one. 

I'm not quite there yet, but I think once it's December I'll be in the Xmas mood.  It always takes me a little bit. Black Friday is like Doomsday for me- I can't understand it. We have internet, (really really) so I enjoyed shopping online in my bathrobe at 6 am before work.  bahahahaha

Anyways, am I the only person who is concerned that two radio stations in Madison play nothing but Holiday tunes? LOL 

I have two quilts pieced and ready to quilt, but I'm waiting to have access to a long arm machine. There are only so many kinked necks a person can tolerate before becoming a psycho b*tch, ya know?

It's also been chillier around here, so don't mind me while I wrap myself up in these chunky knit scarves I was planning on selling --but now am reconsidering. I might wrap one around my head like you do after a shower, and just make it my signature fashion statement.  Yes?

Oh look, aren't they cute. bahahaha

Or like this:

It would totally work. Don't deny it.

Oh- that's my Gemma Tank in Nani Iro double Gauze
Are you jelly yet? 

...because it's Peanut Butter Jelly Time...

Back to serious biz.  Blue Calla is having a sale on her patterns too --one more day.  I'm starting to feel redundant. 

I had some scraps left over so I turned them into dog leashes. Canines need pressies too at the Holidays. My Pug usually chokes on bones and rawhide anything, so I have to spend m a j o r  cash on those raw-hide free versions.  But...she's worth it.

Lastly- you have one more day to purchase $100 worth of fun sewing stuff HERE and get a free 18" x 54" sheet of glitter vinyl FREE in your choice of color. Amazing sale. I bought two glitter vinyls and three corks to try out. 

Mostly due to peer pressure- FishSkin Designs has been rocking out the cork stuff over the past few months. Check her out here.

Click here for Sara's shop to buy cork, vinyl, zippers, sewing patterns, and hardware.

Time for me to put on my Essential Oils and chillax. Peace out :)


  1. I need to get motivated myself, time to get the boxes out and start redecorating. I stayed away from the stores this weekend, we went to small, out of the way stores, much better. Not buying a lot this year, the kids are still young, so just a few things this year.


    1. We drew names this year instead of having to buy presents for everyone...big money saver and takes loads of stress off! <3 I'm going to try and decorate this weekend .

  2. I wish I got so much done....if I stayed up all night like you I might! Great stuff you are making chilupa! ha,ha


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