How to stay inspired in a creative business

OK. I'm fresh back from two sewing retreats this month and something occurred to me. It's both inspiring and humbling to be around other Creatives. Just when you think you're "getting there", ALL is laid out in truth before you.... There will always be somebody better, somebody who knows more, or somebody working harder.  It's not a bad thing, it's essential for growth and development of skill. The trouble comes when you start comparing. 

"Comparison is the death of happiness" 
(adapted from Mark Twain).

That quote has stuck with me forever. Even when I think I'm not a person who compares or tries to "out-do" another, it's there. Staring me in the face. That voice in my head whispering "it's not good enough... it's too weird....people won't understand....who do you think you are?"   ???

I'm going to tell you, it will never go away fully, and that's okay. It's what keeps us in check so we don't become assholes like the Donald.

Having just come back from my second Sewing Retreat this month, I have found myself more enthusiastic and energized than ever. I've put together some tips below on:

How to stay inspired.

5. Keep positive people around you at all times.

It's a bonus if they are sewers/quilters/artists. Empathetic people will encourage and support your crazy ass, even if it's super wild and bonkers to "logical" folk. By the way--who gets to decide who is logical? That in itself is illogical.
Now I'm confused. Anyways, carry on.

4. Don't let people, events, or social media take your time away.

We've all been there.... "I'll just check Facebook really quick"-- as the bacon is cooked as if it landed on Venus...
(Surface temperature of Venus is 864 degrees F.)

3. Set Goals and make a plan.

Even if it's not perfect, it's a start. This website uses the GPS process to walk you through it. It's worth the 10 minutes to fill in the blanks and get your brain going.

2. Go to retreats or events of like minded folks and learn something NEW. If it's not something new, mingle. 
You never know where conversation may take you.

Modern Stitching Affair

Teachers photo/ Glamp 2016 Pink Castle Fabrics

Sewing retreats, quilt guild meetings, Art Museum openings, any event that most likely will have "your people" there. Just GO. It could be the beginning of a thousand doors opening, you never know.

1. Begin Making. Or, begin the work.
If it's uncomfortable, it's necessary.

Even if the work is crap, it's the process that will carry you to your masterpiece. Hopefully.

Be open and supportive of others. I heard an interesting quote this weekend- "you never know who you're talking to"......and how true that is! It's happened to me so many times. Just this year I was being asked a bunch of questions about my job as a nurse, just in casual convo,  and it turned out I was talking to the President of the Hospital! HELLO! I was so grateful I didn't complain or act like a whiny beotch. LOL! WHOA.


Speaking of being supportive, I've met so many amazing designers this summer and fall I just have to share with you a few of them below. 

My friend Amy Bradley has opened her pattern studio Purple Pineapple Studio, and is selling these postcard style quilt patterns for a few bucks. They are all easy to understand, modern, and fresh. I just love Amy-she wears a purple pineapple headband on her head when at events. My kind of gal!

Hello Melly is a super cute blog by my friend Melanie. She has super cute patterns in her shop including this Popsicle quilt that I HAVE TO make before next summer. I adore it! She is also an amazing lettering artist- some items are for sale in her Etsy shop. I super want that birthday cake topper!  I met Melanie at Sew Pro and feel so lucky for it. Pop over to her blog, it's total eye candy.

Lysa Flower has been creating her empire over the past year, and I can't wait to see where she takes it. Her Cassette Tape pattern is one of my faves E V E R, and now she's launched a Nintendo mini quilt pattern called Control Freak.

She is also a surface design artist as well, and has her own fabric (in photo above). 

She also answers all my annoying questions with smiles and turd emojis, so naturally I adore her.

I have a ton of fun stuff to share with you this week if I can just find the time to sit at my computer. We totally need some sort of voice recognition/ blog post writer thingy where you can speak into your phone as it types the post up for you, complete with photos attached.  I should invent that right? Or did somebody do it already? Bahahahaha

Keep making & see you soon.


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