Ruby Top customization with pocket download

Hi friends.
As you probably know, I am a huge Made by Rae fan and make clothes for myself and my kids with her patterns quite often. I like her methodology of providing a straight forward / simple pattern that is easy and quick to sew, but also flattering. No potato sacks here please. 

Rubys, Washis, Gemmas, Moon pants, Lunas ...

I've made four Ruby dresses and tops so far, three Gemma tanks, at least five Washi dresses (lost count, could be more), three Luna pants, one Geranium dress for Ruby, and two pairs of Moon pants for Ruby and Mia.  **All her patterns are on the right side bar on her blog, linked above.

Ruby top and Ruby Dress


Geranium Dress

But this is nothing compared to NurseBean---she's been on fire this year with her makes. Probably at least 50 Rae makes so far, if not more. She only started a year ago (ish) too--so it's quite a feat. Go check her blog out.  ;)

I think this proves the point that sewing for yourself doesn't have to be fussy to be successful. There is a time and place for a pattern with 65 pieces, but it ain't in my house! bahahaha

Okay..so let's get to the point here. I made a Ruby top last night and customized it with front pockets so I can stash my Starbursts in there. Or a phone, or tickets to Katy Perry/Snoop Dog, you know...Normal stuff.

I didn't do the inseam pocket style because I don't want any extra padding around my hips. (The horror!) I think the front style is sorta cutesy without being childlike.  These are lined and have binding on the top, so they don't sag or become unstable. 

Here is my downloadable pocket piece pattern if you want to give it a go.  For this tunic style, I made the Ruby top version but added three inches to the hemline for a tunic look. The yoke is made with a white Swiss Dot fabric, and the accent is Cotton and Steel Boo by Rashida Coleman Hale.  I made a Gemma tank with it too, I love Boo that much.

Forgive my late-night photos. 

**I used a 5/8" seam allowance**

 1. Cut out 4 pieces with pattern piece.

2. Sew 2 pieces RST along curved edge, lock stitch each end. Leave the top open. Pink with shears so curve will pop. I forgot to take a photo of this step.

3. Flip right side out and press. Attach binding to top edge.

4. Pin in place securely. I measured 2 1/2 inches from side seam and tried the tunic on for the correct height. I recommend doing this, you don't want pockets in the wrong place. 

5. Sew around curved edge, lock stitch again each start point and end point. Attach other pocket, lining up with the first. 

HAHA here it looks like they aren't even. I broke my shoulder blade something like 15 years ago, so my shoulders sit unevenly now unless I consciously think about it... Well, that's my excuse anyways. Deal wit' it. 

Let's see yours! I bet your pockets will be even!    Bahahahaha


The pocket piece download link will always be in my 
TUTORIALS page, linked here. 



  1. Your post was quite helpful. I will try this at home, hope it turns out to be a success. Please share more interesting DIYs for cloths. Will be waiting.


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