Pug adoption!!

My kids have been asking for a Pug since...well, forever.

I was in contact with the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) based Pug Hugs. Tori was never listed on any website, she was matched to us from our application. So, yeah- it was fate. It was destiny. She is so chill and cuddly I can't believe anyone would dump her. A breeder decided she wasn't worth keeping, so he dropped her off at a shelter and the rest is history. 

She's 2  1/2 years old, 13 pounds, and has the most darling disposition. 
She came with her given name "Tori".

She's spayed, shots are up to date, and has a clean bill of health all around.

We feel SO lucky to have her.
A huge heartfelt thanks to Debbie at Pug HUGS.
I truly believe in rescue whenever possible. I do realize not all breeders are the same, just like people are not all the same. But with the numbers of unwanted Doggies out there, it warms my heart to know one is off the list. 

In sewing related news:

Block 2 of the Summer Sampler/ design by Cluck Cluck Sew.
I seriously love this design and hope to make an entire quilt of it (some day). 

Block 3 is also complete, SnowCone. You'll have to check my IG feed for that pic. 
I'm too lazy right now. Bahahahaha

Here is block 4 recently finished:

I completed two minky quilts and am gifting one of them to a friend. The other will stay here because my kids rioted when I told them I'd list it on Etsy. 

Why spend $100 on minky and make 2 blankets when you can buy it at a shop for probably $30? Complete.
??  Because crafters / sewers are CRAZY.

Crazy in an endearing way of course.

I have two quilt patterns ready for release, I just have to get better photos. So stay tuned on that if you like easy quilt patterns that pOp. My patterns will always be under $10 but these two are special Summer releases and will be $6. 

We've been hard at work on our yard/garden as well. Which, if I'm completely honest, I really dislike (the work). I love the end results when they happen, but darn it takes a lot of time. Here is our repainted wicker chaise lounge with cover I made using Spoonflower eco canvas. 

I can't sit here any longer to type so there's my super short post. LOL
My fun ladies group ran this morning for perhaps our last long mileage run and whenever we do long miles my hips just ache for days! Sitting is tough. Our race is June 26th if you're in Madison, come on down and ring some bells. It's the Madison HER Half Marathon. There's a 5K still open for sign up as well if you want to join in the FUN!

Peace and LOVE to you!

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  1. Oh, Tori, you are SO SWEET!!!!! I can't deal with it! And wow, she's a tiny girl- only 13 pounds?! Even little Peggy has a few pounds on her! We just won't discuss Doug's weight as it's a sensitive subject these days (the vet told us he needs to lose 2 lbs, oops!).


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