PDF Pattern release: The Confetti Case

The Confetti Case just released and is available in the shop. 

 I'm always feeling an 80's vibe. I freakin' loved the 80's. I mean-- in my head all I can see is Thriller, Madonna, leg warmers, jelly bracelets, charms, Hubba Bubba, Rainbow Bright, The Cure, Bowie, perms, ankle pants with pleats, Miami Vice, and of course- Top Gun. That decade ruled. Yes, even though there were banana clips and copious amounts of Aqua Net.

This case is Hippie- ish too because you'll be using scraps.  #eco
Dig it.

Vinyl is easy to work with if you have the tools: Teflon (or non-stick) sewing foot, tissue paper if you need it, and confidence. This pattern is easier to construct if you also have a zipper foot- but it's not critical. I like things to be as easy as possible, so spend $25 on a sewing foot if you don't have one. ;)

There are so many possibilities with these cases. Have fun and experiment!

I'd love to see what you make- if you use my pattern hashtag me on IG @sewhungryhippie or #hhsewingpattern.

The tassels can be added if you like, with jewelry finding "O" rings. Use pliers and slip the tassel onto the O ring, then onto that hole in the zipper pull. Easy.

The lobster clasps I used for the wrist strap are 3/4": I love them and use them all the time. 

Thank YOU for being here.


I was constantly jamming Belinda Carlisle and Pat Benatar

Still do. How about you? 



  1. very creative and fun to make i should think.......xx

    1. Thanks so much- and fun to make for sure! <3

    2. Thanks so much- and fun to make for sure! <3

  2. I had that radio and those cassettes. My radio was lavender. I loved it! You are taking me back with those images. Great pouch. Love the confetti.


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