Dougal is my hired help some days. He's my Quilt guard dog.
All 10 pounds of him.

Here we are, almost summer. This year has been flying by like--- like-- Superman when he goes around the Earth really fast to speed up or turn back time. Remember that? Circa 1984?

I've had a couple boomtastic revelations so far this year.
One is reading and listening to this book:

Like famous literary legend Joan Didion said "I don't know what I think until I write it down"...YES.

I didn't know what I thought until I heard Liz Gilbert say it out loud. And then I was all "where have you been my whole life?"  This book is beyond "self help"--ewwe gross I don't even like saying that. 

It's a reckoning. 

When I had this book on Audible with Elizabeth Gilbert reading it to me in the background, I realized we are all running around in this comfortable bubble, afraid to test those waters of uncertainty. . . Well, at least a lot of us. The thing is, there isn't much time, so why waste another minute? You will understand more when you listen to her, or read the book. I know it sounds bossy- but GET IT. 
Be open.
Show up.

By the way, I love Audible. ;) 

To keep on the theme of "Creative Living beyond Fear"...

Here is my finished Improv Patchwork Doodle Quilt.
This was born out of a need to make something without rules or tools + guidance from Sherri Lynn Wood's book The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters.

If you're looking at it going "Is it wonky?"  Yes. It IS. It's not square. It's bending and curving and wonky and wild. I felt so giddy upon finishing that binding, I can't even tell you.

I fee motion quilted it in many different patterns/styles. I just quilted what came to me, circles, matchsticks, squiggles, crescents, chevrons, loops....

It's pretty large, I hope to get a full view outside when the rain stops.

I did have to use binding cut on the bias to finish this quilt. Most quilts I don't do that, but it was obligatory for this one. All the shapes in this quilt were made without measuring or matching, organic in nature. I used mostly Kona solids (fabric) with a few prints thrown in for good measure. ;)

I have to say, this book has changed my thought process with quilting completely. I love how beautiful something can be without following the accepted "rules" and guidelines of the profession. 

Happy Mail- Kona fat quarter bundle in luscious colors.

I'm doing the Summer Sampler 2016 quilt project this summer. Mostly to meet like minded friends, but also to support the makers of this quilt a long.
Would you like to sew along with us? Join in! There is a new quilt block introduced every week (plenty of time to sew up a block). It's a great way to step in and learn techniques that otherwise might seem overwhelming.

I've never been a person that likes to participate in group projects- (scarred from school life I suppose). But things have changed! I have met so many awesome people this year because of forcing myself to be more open. As Shonda Rhimes would say- "Saying YES". 

This includes commenting on posts, leaving blog comments, posting in groups on Facebook, or sending messages on Instagram-including tagging "famous" people that I admire...and by that I mean sewing celebrities NOT Hollywood. (AS IF).

I attribute it mostly to getting rid of the fear of what others think. There is always a critic. There is always somebody better/faster/thinner/more talented/more whatever. Why waste my time thinking of them? It's pretty silly. I feel such freedom in the realization that most people are too worried about themselves to spend time worrying about me and what I think.  ;)

As I let go of fear, this happened:

This is a shot I took while running a 20K last Saturday, that I decided to do the day before at 4:25pm.

Here is my piano in progress of being chalk painted in Sea Foam:
I decided to do this, and five minutes later dove in. 
Shocked the husband, good thing he knows I'm the boss by now. Lololol

Hand Mixer quilt block (pattern by Lori Holt). I love Lori's patterns so much, and her books are just so happy and inspiring. Every pattern is easy to complete because of her construction method. How can you not be happy when the blocks are like this? :D

I have to hand stitch the plug in bits, I forgot those!

Here is my recent Town Square quilt I finished, pattern in Lori's book Quilty Fun.

This was a fun and fast make. It's a cape thing/ sleeveless kimono I think.
 I love to wear because it accentuates my eccentricity (that's what I'm saying anyways).
Made with Cloud 9 Voile fabric by Leah Duncan. Pattern is from New Look S0805.  I had to make view A because I didn't have gobs of yardage. 

My next garment project is going to be this Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts

 I joined Creative Bug because it seems like a really good deal to have access to all these classes for only the cost of a cappuccino every month! I mean hello!

 I can't wait to start painting this summer, or doing some leather crafts, or perhaps even crochet myself a onesie. 

This is a real life Etsy listing, I shit you not.

Only $250. 


More than anything else though, I need to organize my sewing room. I think my patterns need to be put in folders, categorized in some way because it's getting cray up in here.

That's all for today- thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Always fun to have our furry babes to keep us company.
    Love your quilt, that is something i should try, love the gees bend styles and using what I have.



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