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Artists from top left: Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko, Evelyn Henson, (middle row from left) unknown artist wallpaper woman, The Big Picture, Notocorda, Orovida,James Abbott McNeil Whistler, unknown abstract from blog.

Art in all its forms inspires me. Often I am so blown away by what humans can create that I have to stop what I'm doing and take "in" the moment. Most nights, while in that in-between moment in bed where I'm too tired to read but still awake enough to think- I will daydream of paintings. Big color riots full of energy and life.. It's those moments that often bring me to my next quilty make. 

Do you have these moments? Times when it feels like everything else can fall away and you breathe in the space between...

When I am in the midst of a project (or 20)-- sometimes my interest is distracted to another idea, another color way, another shape. It's no use fighting, now I know to just follow this impulse. No more punishing myself as something lays undone for six months. Like Shakespeare said- what will be, will be.  (Or actually, "come what may".)   By now, I'm' down with that wisdom. 

Keeping this in mind, I thought a few photos of some recent makes are in order.

This is the Manhattan Bag, pattern by Emmaline Bags. I used Jennifer Paganelli fabric along with Essex linen blend in indigo for a lively and summer-filled feeling. There are so many pockets in this baby I feel like James Bond, as some are hidden and continue to surprise me. (LOL! I forget they are there, I swear I don't have amnesia.)  The front flap even has a pocket in it. I put my pounder Cadburry bars in there. 

If you eat Hershey we can't be friends.

Janelle's patterns are so detailed, I mean -- every last little thing is pointed out and typed up. I think a beginner could tackle any of her patterns, as long as you are confident and have a "can-do" attitude. Don't let zippers scare you. 
I like her patterns so much I recently signed up for her Craftsy class on making Clutch Bags. Of course I have to actually sit down and watch it (a whole nother' battle)--but the first lesson taught me a few tricks that I never thought of, so already it's worth the money. 

My Mom went and bought two of the same patterns from Sara of Sew Sweetness. She does this so she can send me one (that's the story anyway)-- so I made up two Filigree pouches a few weeks ago. These are super fun because they don't take a lot of materials, and are relatively fast. I can see these being good teacher gifts for end of year!

I think of Sara as my BFF because I feel like our brains think a lot alike. I can skim her directions now and sew away, it's almost like osmosis.

I said almost.

This fabric is my favorite, it's cotton lawn by Robert Kaufman in Kew Gardens. The line is London Calling-which of course had me at hello. 

This is actually real osmosis:

Shew. My brain almost exploded.
Back to sewing.

This domed bag is the Lola pattern by Alicia over at Swoon. Her patterns are new to me, and ultra clearly written. I've been so impressed with the Sandra and Lola that I may have to purchase a few more. (AS IF I need more bags! Guys--stop me, this is becoming severely close to a hoarder situation.)  And I'm talking bags AND sewing patterns.

Oh... and then...

My raindrops quilt is in this months Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Whoot whoot!
Issue 34

I'm subscribing to the digital issue now because I am Earth friendly and ----- impatient. I can't wait the six weeks for it to cross the pond. (It's published in Bristol, England.) I mean, we have the Concorde and the Stealth Bomber that can cross the ocean in two hrs so WHY the lag time publishers?! Is it a customs issue?--Because I will call Obama right now if that's the case. This is an emergency I tell you. I neeeeeeeeed my quilty magazines as soon as they go live. Does anyone understand me?! Do I sound like a whiny teenager? lolol   #priorities

I'm realllllly close to releasing my eyeball quilt pattern. Life has gotten in the way lately, so hold tight. A few more days / weeks. Nobody knows. Not even me.

I'm also working this Improv quilt to the max---I was going to stop and then I was like "CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP!" ya know?  It will probably end up massive, because I'm loving how it's just an explosion of color and weirdness. It suits me. 
No tools/no measuring/no patterns/ total and utter nonsensical- ness.

Oh, and I wanted to say that I have a lot more mess ups than a blog would ever want to show. It makes me kinda crazy when people get all weird with me about the fact that I make a lot of stuff, or maybe once in a while if I'm lucky I get published. Most of the "behind the scenes" action is too cray cray to talk about publicly. A LOT of time. A LOT of work. A LOT of eating PB&J.

I get rejected too:

In the end I think the most important thing is to keep your chin up and have fun.

Despite disappointments or mess ups or obligations that suck the energy out of you.

When friends ask me about how I started sewing, I think of that fateful day when I just thought- "I'm going to make this bag right freaking now."
So I did. It was terrible. And -- lovely.

This is the real reason I started to sew/quilt:

Find something you love to do, even if you aren't good at it, and do it. Because one day you will be much better than you are today, and when that day comes friend -- you will thank yourself for beginning.

I'm feeling dangerous now as it's almost midnight, so I'm going to go wind 20 bobbins up and get to quilting. I may even put some Frasier on and be reallllly dangerous. 

LOVE and PIECE to you.



  1. A lady can not have too many bags or shoes for that matter :) Your nonsensical quilt actually works in a very nonsensical kind of way. Xxx

  2. Geez....you make me tired......love the house quilt of course. But it is all so interesting and wonderful you ball of energy.


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