Please use reusable bags when shopping. There is far too much plastic on Earth, clogging up our oceans and killing the wildlife. They are simple to make and make great gifts. You can make them bigger or smaller quite easily. Add pockets if you fancy, even a zipper along the top isn't difficult to do. Use this as a reason to get sewing, while also being Earth friendly! 

Plus, at shops you can earn discounts for using bags. At Target I always earn money back.
Win win.

PDF downloadable pattern available here.

If you need help, I'm here!

Fabrics suggested: quilting cotton, canvas, leather, denim, and calico. Interfacing is required for the bag to stand up- use Craft fuse 808 or By Annie's Foam interfacing. If you have quilt batting left over hanging about, you can use that as well! 

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